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29 Sep 2019>IBrowse 2.5 one month on

Firstly, thank you to everybody who purchased IBrowse 2.5 so far - your support is very much appreciated, as always. Now one month after IBrowse 2.5 was released, it is time for a little update. Everything seems to have gone relatively smoothly, but various issues have cropped up since the release and we hope to have addressed most of those already for the forthcoming update. We've made a list of known issues and the history log continues to be updated with the changes that have been made since the 2.5 release, which are coming in the new update. We also hope to be able to test AmiSSL v4 on real 68k hardware soon, so we can best advise optimum cipher settings in IBrowse for slower hardware.

If you have paid for a key and haven't received it, or initiated an upgrade request and have not received the payment link e-mail, please do get in touch so we can sort things out for you. In the early days, there was some trouble with e-mail delivery, so we want to make sure we resolve everything with all of those customers affected.

30 Aug 2019>IBrowse 2.5 Released

30th August 2019 - Oliver Roberts and the IBrowse Team are pleased to announce the immediate release of IBrowse 2.5 for AmigaOS 3.x and 4.x. After many years in the making, development has been on a roller coaster since IBrowse 2.4, with challenging personal, technical and commercial issues complicating the release schedule. However, we are extremely happy to finally make this new version available to all the valued users who have been waiting so patiently.

IBrowse 2.5 fixes many bugs, making it the most stable and fastest version yet, but more importantly brings modern SSL/TLS support and a fully native AmigaOS 4.x build. Below is a very brief summary of the key changes since version 2.4:

  • Brand new OS4 PPC native version. This is not a simple port, but we have taken great care to ensure it fully utilises of all the relevant new features avaiable in OS4 and as such requires a minimum of OS4.1 Final Edition. Uses the new graphics.library RTG system, dropping CyberGraphX support completely. Other features include faster image rendering using hardware compositing, anti-aliased text rendering and proper daylight saving time handling.
  • Support for AmiSSLv4 has been added to IBrowse 2.5, allowing the use of the most up to date SSL implementation available for AmigaOS, including TLSv1.3, based on the most recent versions of OpenSSL.
  • Integrated with new MUI 4.0 and 5.0 features, including new context sensitive mouse pointers, support for various built-in MUI menus and other new GUI additions. MUI 3.8 is still supported (although we recommend 3.9 as a minimum).
  • Browser spoofing strings can now be customised in a variety of different ways with up to 128 user defined strings available in the preferences.
  • All the internal image decoders have been improved, with various fixes, alpha channel handling, and speed optimisations. The JPEG and PNG decoders now fully utilise the decoding improvements and optimisations from the current Warp Datatypes, which also includes AltiVec acceleration in the JPEG decoder.
  • Full alpha channel support on >= 15-bit displays (OS4 only).
  • 4Gb+ file handling and downloads, with files bigger than 2Gb now being handled properly in the GUI (OS4 only).
  • The OpenSearch standard is now supported for allowing search engines to automatically be added to the search bar, in addition to the existing older Sherlock/Mycroft support from IBrowse 2.4.
  • TextEditField object has had an overhaul, fixing various issues and adding new features. Rendering is done in a more MUI4/5 compatible manner allowing these objects to inherit your MUI settings. Your mousewheel can now be used for scrolling and various MUI defined keyboard shortcuts are now honoured.
  • Improved general stability and memory leaks plugged.
  • Hundreds of other minor and major bug fixes + improvements, and increased tolerance of broken sites for better compatibility.
IBrowse 2.5 is available directly from our website - to purchase the full version, please visit https://www.ibrowse-dev.net/store/ (special discounted upgrades available to registered users of IBrowse 2.x and 1.x).

(Note to news editors: this press release is also available in text format for use on your own sites)

30 Aug 2019>IBrowse 2.x key sales resume

We are excited to announce that IBrowse is now available for purchase again, after our previous distributor pulled out of the Amiga market. We will be selling keys (for all 2.x versions) directly via the store on this website. Although we do not have access to all the past customer records, we are still offering discounted upgrade options if you still have your existing registered IBrowse 1.x or 2.x installations. Currently, the store is operating in manual verification mode, allowing us to check every transaction to make sure everything is working correctly, so it may take up to 48 hours to receive your key(s) after a successful payment.

23 Aug 2019>Documentation addendums

In preparation for the upcoming release of IBrowse 2.5, we have updated the documentation with an addendum for some of the bigger new features and changes since IBrowse 2.4 and 2.3. This is likely to continue to be revised with new information as and when necessary. We have also added the documentation from the ib2.html file supplied with IBrowse 2.4, which gives many details of new features present in 2.4, including WACL, which we suspect some of you may have originally missed ;-).

20 Apr 2019>Website and IBrowse 2.5 progress update

It has been a while since a news item was posted here, but the more observant of the regular visitors to this website will have seen many changes and updates over the past few months. The IBrowse 2.5 news section of the site, in particular, has been continually growing and frequently being updated, moving ever closer to the release of IBrowse 2.5, with all the pieces at last coming together. Most recently, as with IBrowse 2.3 & 2.4 before, an edited, categorised changes list is now also available for IBrowse 2.5.

So, be sure to check the IBrowse 2.5 news section regularly for more updates. Any queries may be directed to the mailing list.

14 Oct 2017>IBrowse 2.5 News Update

With IBrowse 2.5 being demo'd at shows this month, we have taken the opportunity to provide a work-in-progress news summary page which lists the main new features and changes since IBrowse 2.4.

14 Oct 2017>IBrowse 2.5 at AmiWest and Amiga 32

IBrowse 2.5 is breaking cover... We are planning on having the OS4 version of IBrowse 2.5 on demo at the upcoming AmiWest and Amiga 32 shows, in America and Germany respectively. This is a work-in-progress, as IBrowse 2.5 is not finished yet and there are still things to add, but the demo will give some idea of what to expect when it is released.

1 Apr 2017>IBrowse 2.5 FAQ and History Log - No fools here :-)

As we move closer towards a new IBrowse release, we've updated the FAQ a little and uploaded an unedited history log of all the changes made since IBrowse 2.4 was released (these will both be updated at various times in the future as development continues).

7 Feb 2017>AmiSSL 4.0 released

AmiSSL v4 for OS3 and OS4 has now been released and is available for download from https://github.com/jens-maus/amissl/releases. However, please not that IBrowse 2.4 will not be able to make use of this, but you should install it over AmiSSL v3 anyway, as applications will start to be released that use it (YAM, for example). IBrowse 2.5 (when released) will require AmiSSL v4, and has been adapted to use it some months ago.

19 Feb 2016>IBrowse 2.4, AmiSSL 3.6/3.7 and the POODLE attack

I'm sure you are all well aware that many secure websites are normally not reachable with IBrowse 2.4 any longer, due to servers shutting off SSLv2 and SSLv3 connections due to the POODLE attack. However, there is a solution...

This is delayed advice, as I have only just realised it was possible: contrary to the previous news item, you should enable both "SSLv2 support" and "SSLv3 support" on the "Security" page of the IBrowse preferences. You must then also enter the following command in a shell:

setenv save AmiSSL/SSL_CLIENT_VERSION tls1

This will force any most applications that use AmiSSL, including IBrowse, to disable both SSLv2 and SSLv3, and use more secure TLSv1 connections instead.

This issue will be properly addressed in IBrowse 2.5 and a new version of AmiSSL.

22 Feb 2014>AmiSSL 3.6/3.7 and IBrowse 2.4 HTTPS vulnerabilities

Harry Sintonen has released an advisory document detailing some flaws and vulnerabilities in AmiSSL 3.6 and 3.7, used by IBrowse to support secure connections, and IBrowse 2.4's HTTPS implementation.

We advise that you should disable "SSLv2 support" on the "Security" page of the IBrowse preferences. And also in that section, on the "Ciphers" page, ensure that DES, 3DES (Encryption), MD5 (MAC) and Export (Cipher grade) are all disabled. These are enabled by default in IBrowse 2.4.

Additionally, you may wish to enter the following command in a shell: "setenv save AmiSSL/SSL_CLIENT_VERSION ssl3" - this will disable SSL 2.0 globally in AmiSSL itself so will get applied to all other applications using AmiSSL (not just IBrowse).

The IBrowse Development Team thank Harry for bringing these issues to our attention, and we will make any required fixes and HTTPS improvements for IBrowse 2.5. Hopefully, a new version of the now open-source AmiSSL will be released at some point, updated to use the very latest version of OpenSSL.

26 Feb 2011>FlashPlayer Plugin 1.61 Released

Mike Steed has released an update to his IBrowse flash plugin on Aminet. This is an interim release that fixes a bug that could cause the plugin (and subsequently IBrowse) to crash randomly when loading flash files on AmigaOS 4.x.

31 Dec 2008>Mike Steed's FlashPlayer Plugin Released

There is a brand new flash plugin available from Mike Steed, which he has been busy working on over the past year. Based on his standalone FlashPlayer, which most of you are probably already familiar with, the new plugin brings better flash compatibility and stability. We recommend that IBrowse users install in place of the slightly crash prone experimental flash plugin that was originally released with IBrowse 2.4. Happy New Year!

19 Jan 2007>Flash Plugin released for MorphOS

A MorphOS native version of our experimental Flash plugin (version 1.14) for IBrowse 2.4 is now available for free download. Thanks to Harry Sintonen for porting the plugin to MorphOS. The previous release notes for the 68k and OS4 builds apply to the MorphOS build too.

23 Dec 2006>Experimental Flash Plugin Released

An experimental Flash plugin (version 1.14) for IBrowse 2.4 is now available for free download. This plugin is based on the GPLFlash source code, and we have found GPLFlash to be relatively unstable. Therefore, after installing this plugin, please be aware that some flash files may cause this plugin (and therefore IBrowse too) to crash! Also, do not expect this plugin to be fully compatible with the latest Adobe Flash plugins, since it uses old code.

This plugin was mainly used to debug IBrowse 2.4's PluginAPI during development, and as such we won't be updating it often. Instead we will be encouraging and helping authors of dedicated Amiga flash players to develop their own flash plugins for IBrowse. This process will hopefully begin shortly, once we have put together an SDK.

22 Dec 2006>IBrowse 2.4 Released

LUND, Sweden, 22nd December 2006 - Stefan Burstrom and the IBrowse Team are pleased to announce the immediate release of the much anticipated update to IBrowse 2.3.

IBrowse 2.4 brings web browsing on AmigaOS to a new level - below is a very brief summary of the changes since version 2.3:

  • New integrated Search Bar, allowing you to easily perform searches of your favourite sites. Search engines can be added manually or automatically via the Mycroft project site
  • The Status Bar has been overhauled to optionally provide the status of IBrowse graphically. Due to requiring less space than text, this has allowed us to show additional statuses such as when Javascript is being processed
  • Plugin API system for embedded objects based on the v4 NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API) to allow for easier porting of NS compatible plugins, this is used to allow IBrowse to display embedded objects (such as flash animations) within the browser when a suitable plugin is available.
  • Support for AmiSSLv3 has been added to IBrowse 2.4, allowing the use of the most up to date SSL implementation available for AmigaOS
  • Context sensitive mouse pointers have been added, providing different mouse pointers in different areas of IBrowse
  • Background tab loading has finally been added to the Browser Tabs. Links can be opened in new browsers which remain inactive, allowing you to continue browsing the original page uninterrupted
  • The spoofing engine has been totally re-written for 2.4, and provides a range of pre-defined spoofing options
  • The JavaScript engine has been improved yet further providing support for more event handlers, and improved DOM support, along with some significant speed increases in certain areas. It now supports the complete JavaScript 1.6 extension, as found in Firefox 2.0, along with the majority of JavaScript 1.5 and the revision 3 of the ECMAScript (ECMA-262) specification
  • HTTP compressed content support has been added, which includes both gzip and deflate algorithms
  • On websites which ask for a username and password in a HTML based form, IBrowse can now (optionally) save these details for future visits
  • Web Advert Control Language (WACL) is a feature of IBrowse based on a proposal by Stefan Stuntz for a user configurable, flexible scripting language to control the display of adverts on webpages
  • Improved general stability and memory leaks plugged
  • Hundreds of other minor and major bug fixes + improvements, and increased tolerance of broken sites for better compatibility
All these improvements greatly improve the browsing experience, and allow IBrowse to offer compatibility with many more websites than before.

IBrowse 2.4 is available from IOSPIRIT - to purchase, please visit amiga.iospirit.de (registered users of IBrowse 2.x can upgrade for free, and there is a special upgrade price available to registered IBrowse 1.x users).

(Note to news editors: this press release is also available in text format for use on your own sites)

8 Dec 2006>IBrowse 2.4 - It's almost done!

IBrowse 2.4 has now reached release candidate stage, and it is now in the final stages of testing, in anticipation for a release within the next few weeks. As most of you now know, we don't do release dates, but as promised we are letting you all know when we know a release is close - yes, "RSN" really does apply this time. Merry Christmas!

23 Jul 2005>IBrowse 2.4 News

As many of you will have read, IBrowse 2.4 was demo'd at several shows around the globe today. Obviously we realise not everyone can get to these shows, and there were also a couple of shows happening which we didn't know about until it was too late, so we have provided a summary of the news.

14 Jul 2005>IBrowse 2.4 Demonstrations

On 23rd July 2005, IBrowse 2.4 will be making its public debut at three shows around the globe. The demo will consist of:

* current IBrowse 2.4 beta, 68k build
* current JavaScript library beta, PPC OS4 build
* current Flash plugin beta, 68k build

and will show the new features that will be available in IBrowse 2.4. The shows that will be demo'ing are:

AmiGBG in Sweden, by David Burstroem
AmiWest in USA, by Richard Drummond
Fyanica in Hungary, by Stephen Fellner

Please note this is NOT the launch of IBrowse 2.4, which will hopefully be later this year.

18 Apr 2005>IBrowse 2.3 available for purchase again

IBrowse 2.3 is now available for purchase from the IOSPIRIT Amiga shop again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the unavailability the past few months.

Regards, The IBrowse Development Team

24 Mar 2005>SSL error fix available for AmiTCP/Genesis users

AmiTCP/Genesis (and Roadshow) users are no doubt familiar with the infamous SSL connect errors that IBrowse reports on some sites, specifying a detailed error description of "error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)". After further investigation we have found the cause to be a bug in the BSD code inside the AmiTCP kernel. A patch to fix this bug in AmiTCP itself is now available.

8 Jan 2005>Problems Purchasing IBrowse

As you may have noticed IOSPIRIT has undergone a lot of internal restructuring measures. As a result, IBrowse is currently not available for purchase from the IOSPIRIT site. Once this matter has been resolved, we'll let you know here, as soon as it becomes available again.

29 Jun 2004>New IBPreferences custom class available

Testing under OS4 revealed a long standing bug in the IBrowse 2.3 preferences custom class, which manifested itself as a crash as soon as the preferences were launched. After a short testing period, we are pleased to announce the availability of the new bugfixed custom class.

We recommend that all users of IBrowse 2.3 install the new custom class, even if you do not have the crash under OS4-Pre, or even use OS4, as the bug is still present and a potential problem.

25 Nov 2003>IBrowse 2.3 now also available as CD-version

At IOSPIRIT a CD-version of IBrowse 2.3 and IBrowse 2.3 Update is now also available. The CD contains the browser itself, the new documentation (in English) and other goodies. Instead of a keyfile, each CD ships with a certificate, that can be exchanged against a keyfile in the customer's iospirit.de account.

1 Jul 2003>IBrowse 2.3 Documentation Released

Dave Fisher has finished his work on completely updated and expanded documentation for IBrowse, which supercedes the old printed manual and IBrowse 2 addendum. The new documentation breaks down into 25 chapters, that, from the installation over the usage of the program, tips and tricks to basic knowledge covers everything worth knowing about IBrowse and the internet.

The documentation is available for online viewing and may also be downloaded for offline viewing.

30 Apr 2003>New mailing list for german speakers

For those that don't already know, IOSPIRIT are now offering a support mailing list for those who wish/prefer to use the german language, seeing as the existing lists are english-only.

29 Jan 2003>IBrowse 2.3 Released

LUND, Sweden, 29th January 2003 - Stefan Burstroem and the IBrowse Team are pleased to announce the immediate release of the eagerly awaited update to IBrowse 2.2, and to unveil IOSPIRIT as the new worldwide distributor.

IBrowse 2.3 brings web browsing on AmigaOS to a new level - below is a brief summary of the changes since version 2.2:

  • Heavily enhanced JavaScript support, based on JavaScript 1.5 and revision 3 of the ECMAScript specification, allowing access to sites which was not possible before
  • Secure connection support is now available via AmiSSL v2, which can be configured extensively in the IBrowse preferences. Importing and exporting of certificates is now also supported.
  • Greatly improved general stability and memory leaks plugged
  • Improved GUI, including enhanced browser tab functionality (such as drag'n'drop, keyboard support)
  • Issues with the ARexx interface have been fixed and new commands added
  • Hundreds of other minor and major bug fixes + improvements, and increased tolerance of broken sites for better compatibility
All these improvements greatly improve the browsing experience, and allow IBrowse to offer compatibility with many more websites than before.

IBrowse 2.3 is available from IOSPIRIT - to purchase, please visit http://www.iospirit.de/ (registered users of IBrowse 2.x can upgrade for free, and there is a special upgrade price available to registered IBrowse 1.x users).

(Note to news editors: this press release is also available in text format for use on your own sites)

22 Dec 2002>Merry Christmas

Hello all of you! I thought I should break the silence just now before christmas. This fall has been an interesting one with lots of things going on. I originally planned the IB2.3 release about 1.5 months ago and decided to bring in some people from the mailing list to help us hard test the release candidate. Unfortunately (?) some of them took their job far too serious and told me that, no, you cannot release IBrowse in the state it was back then. Hm, back to the code again. Now 150 reported (and fixed) issues later I hope they are more pleased. We are currently about to begin testing of the very final release candidate and if everything goes as expected (and this time I am alot more confident ;) you will see an updated IBrowse around New Years Eve. In the meantime, you can check out the summary of the history. Have a great Christmas everybody!

- Stefan Burström

7 Oct 2002>Announcements mailing list

We have now set up a mailing list which is purely for announcements and significent IBrowse news, and is a read-only list. Anyone may join this new list, and if you prefer not to subscribe to the existing discussion/support list (due to high traffic, etc) then this should be a good alternative.

28 Sep 2002>David Burström comes 17th in Nordic Championship

Congratulations to David Burström, co-developer of IBrowse, for coming 17th in the Nordic Championship programming contest today. David, along with his co-programmer Christopher Olsson, was ranked 2nd out of 17 teams in the Southern Sweden results, and 17th out of 153 teams in the Scandinavian results. Well done to you both, from the IBrowse Development Team.

21 Sep 2002>IBrowse 2.3 on display at AmiGbg on Saturday 21 September 2002

The AmigaOS4 fair in Gothenburg featured amongst other things a demonstration of a pre-release version of IBrowse 2.3 and an impromptu presentation by Stefan Burström. After the demonstration, people were invited to ask questions about IBrowse and the plans for the future. To read more about the fair, visit www.amigbg.com.

12 Sep 2002>FAQ page now online

A list of frequently asked questions has been compiled, based on messages sent to the mailing list (mostly regarding IBrowse 2.3). Be sure to read the FAQs before repeating a question on the mailing list :-)

22 Aug 2002>www.ibrowse-dev.net - the new home of IBrowse (under construction)

As many of you will know, IBrowse has been without a proper home on the web for a while, until now. Obviously, this website is a bit minimal at the moment, but we are planning to address this situation soon. We are currently busy preparing IBrowse 2.3 (68K) for release - as yet we have no indication of a firm release date, but good progress is being made and we are doing our best to get IBrowse 2.3 ready for release a.s.a.p. In the meantime, for those of you who are not already aware of it, you are invited to join the discussion/support mailing list.

- the IBrowse Team

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