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26 May 2022>Blank pages on 68060

After several reports of some websites coming up blank in IBrowse 2.5.6, this has been traced to a known issue in 68060 processors older than Rev 6, caused by a particular pattern of instructions (Errata #I14 in the Motorola notes). Unfortunately, the Brotli decompression code in IBrowse contains this pattern, triggering the bug. Other processors do not have this issue.

If you are using Thomas Richter's 68060.library package, this automatically detects affected processors and disables the processor's store/load bypass feature where required, as recommended by Motorola. If you are using some other 68060.library, such as phase5's, you will need to disable this feature by adding the CPU060 command or the CPU command in more recent AmigaOS releases (e.g. 3.2) in your S:User-Startup file:

phase5 CPU060 command: CPU060 NSTB or CPU060 NOSTOREBYPASS

IBrowse 2.5.7 will contain a workaround, but we cannot guarantee that other code in IBrowse (or obviously any other application) is not affected by this processor issue, so it is recommended to apply the fix above.

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