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IBrowse 3 History Log
The following is an unedited chronological list of the majority of changes made to IBrowse 3 since IBrowse 2.5.9 was released:

>  IBrowse 3.0a Released 30.8 (22 Dec 2023)

  • <net> Fixed case where HTTP(S) connections could fail, crash and/or trash memory, when the transfer size is not known in advance
  • <prefs> Fixed instances were the URL Prefs page could hang in an infinite busy loop, after reopening the window, when it was the previous active page
  • <javascript> Fixed stack overflow protection for MorphOS, which was causing all scripts to generate an overflow error
  • <gui> Updated Danish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish catalog translations, by Niels Bache, Samir Hawamdeh, Mariusz Danilewicz, Mikhail Malyshev, Javier de las Rivas and Pär Boberg respectively
  • <install> Added the Images drawer as a 2.x to 3.0 migration option, in case custom images have been placed there
  • <install> Tweaked message about upgrading to be more speicifc, including build numbers, and whether reinstalling or upgrading
>  IBrowse 3.0 Released 30.7 (19 Nov 2023)
  • <security> Now requires AmiSSL 5.12 for secure connections
  • <html> Don't add unnecessary whitespace between images or form elements
  • <install> Fixed missing IBrowse drawer icon when migrating old version
  • <install> Added the MorphOS native NList classes
Release Candidate 30.6 (22 Oct 2023)
  • <javascript> Fixed crash in Array methods pop, push, shift, unshift and splice, when applied to a non-array object
  • <javascript> Fixed memory leak in Array methods unshift, splice, filter and map
  • <javascript> Optimised all Array methods by removing duplicated code
  • <javascript> Increased stack overflow safety margin, which was too low to prevent all stack overflow cases
  • <html> Adjusted handling of illegal < characters, so that they are now treated as text instead of causing a following HTML tag to be ignored
  • <net> Fixed the disk cache, which became broken in 25.109
Release Candidate 30.5 (30 Sep 2023)
  • <install> Added workaround for AmigaOS 4.x Installer versions 53.1-53.7 which were unfortunately broken, with 53.2 being on the 4.1FE CD-ROM
  • <install> Fixed broken AmigaOS 3.x installer
  • <install> Migration process now also copies key file
  • <install> Make sure the IBrowseV2 drawer keeps its icon during migration
  • <html> Fixed missing last line of text, when displaying a plain text file
  • <net> Fixed persistent HTTP connections from hanging if the total content size is less than 16 bytes
Release Candidate 30.4 (22 Sep 2023)
  • <security> Now requires AmiSSL 5.11 for secure connections
  • <net> Added Early Data / Zero Round Trip Time Resumption (0-RTT) support which improves HTTPS and Gemini performance by sending requests in advance of the connection handshake completion for a resumed session, reducing the time taken to establish connections. Available on TLSv1.3 connections with servers that are 0-RTT enabled
  • <html> Added missing line break and spacing for headings following preformatted text outside a paragraph
  • <image> Updated libpng to version 1.6.40
  • <net> Updated zlib to version 1.3
  • <net> Updated Brotli decompression to version 1.1.0, which offers improved performance
  • <install> Added IBrowse 2.x to 3.x migration options to the installer
  • <install> Added separate tuned release archive for MorphOS, which also means the MorphOS PowerPC native javascript.library has now been removed from the AmigaOS 3.x releases
  • <install> Renamed release archives to specify the OS instead of the CPU
  • <misc> Added menu bar to the about: page
  • <image> Fixed incorrect decoding of the background for an initial GIF image frame that is both transparent and not full size
  • <image> Rewrote GIF animation "restore to previous" disposal method playback to fix some cases of incorrect rendering
  • <image> Changed minimum GIF animation frame delay from 100ms to 20ms
  • <html> Changed layout of images in tables that have no whitespace between them
  • <html> Corrected width calculations in tables containing floating images
  • <html> Cleaned up white space handling, removing legacy code no longer required by the new HTML parser
  • <html> Fixed missing stack initialisation in the HTML layout code that could lead to the miscalculation of the document width
  • <gui> Tweaked splash window layout
  • <prefs> Changed the default page background colour from the screen background pen colour to white
  • <prefs> Default toolbar is now borderless with no text
  • <html> Fixed a case where unknown markups could sometimes be displayed as text, instead of being filtered out
Beta Build 30.3 (2 Aug 2023)
  • <security> Now requires AmiSSL 5.10 for secure connections
  • <html> Fixed preformatted and plain text CRLF end of line handling, which was leading to rogue blank lines being rendered between lines of text
  • <net> When downloading data: URLs, don't prefill the filename from the URL
  • <net> Fixed image data: URLs getting mangled when using the "View separately" FAB menu item
  • <html> Restrict image width/height to a maximum of 30000 pixels, to prevent graphics corruption, due to limitations of the graphics.library drawing routines
  • <html> BUGID 1171: <br clear="none"> now supported and for invalid clear values default to "none" instead of "all" behaviour
  • <html> Fixed a case where the table background was not rendered behind an image with transparency
  • <javascript> Fixed scripts being run after <frameset> markups when navigating to a memory cached frameset via history/back/forward
  • <gui> BUGID 0006: Allow fastlinks to be vertically centred when placed at the left or right of the window
  • <image> BUGID 1689: Fixed GIF animation "restore to previous" disposal method playback to not always clear the background
  • <image> Optimised GIF animation "restore to previous" disposal method playback to not unnecessarily update portions of the image outside required area
  • <image> Fixed handling of GIF animation transparency on 32-bit screens, due to alpha channel not being cleared when first image is a partial tile
Beta Build 30.2 (30 Jun 2023)
  • <html> New, reimagined HTML parser, based on Stefan's earlier 3.0 code
  • <html> BUGID 0062,0791,0956: Backgrounds defined in a <table> element itself are now drawn separately, spanning the cellspacing area in addition to the table cells. This background is no longer inherited by and drawn for each individual table cell
  • <html> Improved missing paragraph spacing between <table> elements
  • <html> BUGID 0010: Added <sup> and <sub> support
  • <html> BUGID 0709: Added support for the <li> type attribute
  • <html> Added support for the <li> value attribute
  • <html> Ordered lists now support letter numbering more than 26
  • <html> Ordered lists now support roman numeral numbering up to 3999 and no longer crashes with values over 999
  • <html> Added proper range and buffer overflow checks for list numbering to prevent crashes
  • <html> BUGID 0750: Fixed cases where text styling and colour was not correctly applied to wordwrapped text at the start of a line
  • <html> Fixed case where a wordwrapped line of text could get drawn twice (noticeable when using anti-aliased fonts)
  • <html> Tweaked spacing before <form> elements
  • <html> Fixed font not being restored after a <xmp>, <plaintext> or <listing> element
  • <html> BUGID 0809: Fixed a page not rendering due to <noscript> being used without a corresponding </noscript>
  • <html> Fixed alignment type "absmiddle" typo
  • <html> BUGID 0039: Fixed <kbd> support from not getting used
  • <javascript> Fixed non-execution of JavaScript when navigating to a history cached frameset page
  • <gui> Fixed font prefs range buttons not triggering a list refresh
  • <misc> BUGID 1688: Reverted some changes related to context pointer handling, which caused crashes in some circumstances
  • <gui> Filter non-ASCII characters in the CA Cert names list, just as OpenSSL already does when printing the certificate details
  • <security> Now requires AmiSSL 5.9 for secure connections
Beta Build 30.1 (9 May 2023)
  • <misc> Bumped version number and updated about: page
  • <image> Changed non-pooled memory allocations in the PNG decoder to use the memory pool instead
  • <image> Removed zlib code from the PNG decoder
  • <net> Merged https.protocol and http.protocol together
  • <gui> Reworked DropDown cycle gadgets to use a standard MUI Popobject, to prevent the list popup window becoming detached when scrolling
  • <gui> Fixed the root browser window drag'n'drop layout code
  • <prefs> Expanded context pointers preferences item, allowing the image set used to be overridden, instead of letting IBrowse choose
  • <gui> If using MUI 3.8 or 3.9 and AmigaOS 3.2 or 4.1, use the OS supplied context pointer images. If using MUI 4.0 or 5.0, the pointer images will be chosen by MUI (on AmigaOS 4.1, usually MUI uses the images from the OS, instead of MUI's own images). Use IBrowse's built-in images in other cases, as a fallback
  • <prefs> BUGID 0179,1640: Added save button to the preferences window, equivalent to saving the current settings via the menus and renamed the OK button
  • <misc> Updated zlib to version 1.2.13
  • <prefs> Remember current active page when reopening the preferences window
  • <prefs> Tweaked layout of preferences window, including making the listtree nodes all initially expanded
  • <prefs> BUGID 0947: Made preferences window into a scrollable virtual group, to prevent MUI switching to a smaller font (or crashing) when the screen is not large enough
  • <gui> Migrated HTML form elements to NList
  • <gui> Migrated browser window elements and source window to NList
  • <gui> Migrated Hotlist and Browser History to NListtree
  • <prefs> Fixed Font prefs copy font style function from failing to append the copied name to "Copy of"
  • <gui> Migrated Font and FAB menu prefs lists to NListtree
  • <gui> Migrated main prefs menu tree to NListtree
  • <gui> Migrated Spoofing and Search Bar prefs lists to NList
  • <javascript> Fixed a case where aborting a script would end up in a neverending loop
  • <javascript> Removed recursive function limitations
  • <javascript> BUGID 0815: Added real time stack checking to guard against rogue scripts overflowing the stack
  • <misc> Reworked thread context memory layout so there is less likelihood of a hard freeze/crash if the stack should overflow, allowing debug tools to catch the crash
  • <misc> Fixed stack checking debug output
  • <gui> Added an open link button to the hotlist manager
  • <gui> BUGID 0745: Added a button that updates and closes the source window
  • <prefs> Reworked preferences handling to be more efficient and automated
  • <gui> Expanded clickable checkbox labels to all other UI elements
  • <gui> Added possibility to click on all labels adjacent to a checkbox in the preferences window
  • <gui> When entering a hotlist alias as a URL, all hotlist URLs matching the alias will be opened in their own browser tab
  • <gui> Added the multi-aliasing feature to the hotlist, where a hotlist entry can now be given multiple aliases (separated by a space)
  • <gui> Migrated CA Certs, User Certs and Toolbar Prefs to NList
  • <gui> Migrated FAB menu, Fastlink, Macros and URL prefs lists to NList
  • <gui> Migrated Netstat Manager, Global History and MIME Prefs list to NList
  • <gui> Migrated URL Clipboard to NList. Added multiselect to the url list, and a workaround when dragging multiple url items to a URL drop area
For older entries, see the IBrowse 2.5 history log.
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