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Development Radar: 612 issues open (30 assigned) and 1025 blown away
Did you know... you can override the MIME type for uploads by using the FAB menu over the file upload gadget?
  IBrowse is a fast, stable, classic web browser helping you
surf the net with your AMIGA®. Features include HTML 4.01
and XHTML 1.0 browsing, comprehensive JavaScript 1.6
engine, tabbed browsers, a customisable GUI layout and
support for proprietary extensions from other browsers.
IBrowse is compatible with AmigaOS® 3.x/4.x and MorphOS.


20 April 2019
Website and IBrowse 2.5 progress update

14 October 2017
IBrowse 2.5 News Update

14 October 2017
IBrowse 2.5 at AmiWest and Amiga 32

1 April 2017
IBrowse 2.5 FAQ and History Log - No fools here :-)

7 February 2017
AmiSSL 4.0 released

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