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19 Nov 2023>IBrowse 3.0 Released

IBrowse 3 has arrived. It's finally time to move on from IBrowse 2, which has been developed for over 20 years! IBrowse 3 makes available the previously unreleased features that were originally being worked on alongside IBrowse 2.4 (on a completely separate development branch), whilst retaining everything from IBrowse 2.5.9 and all the new developments since its release. The IBrowse 2 and 3 development branches are now fully merged, which was a complex and time-consuming task, due to considerable divergence. The process was completed methodically and carefully, in order to not compromise stability or lose any functionality. Development can now move forward without being restricted to the limitations of the IBrowse 2 framework, allowing for more substantial changes.

See the new What's new and History log pages for full details of all the changes, but a brief summary follows:

  • IBrowse 2 and IBrowse 3 Unification
  • New Reimagined HTML Parser
  • Improved HTML Engine
  • Hotlist Multi-aliasing
  • Early Data / Zero Round Trip Time Resumption (0-RTT)
  • Better GIF Animation Playback
  • AmigaOS 3.2 Context Sensitive Mouse Pointers
  • NList GUI Consistency
  • Improved Preferences Window
  • Decompression and Image Decoding Libraries Upgraded
  • Space Saving Improve Efficiency
We hope you enjoy the new version and we look forward to adding new features and improving the HTML engine much further over the coming months.

IBrowse 3 is a free upgrade for those who registered IBrowse 2.5 at the full 68K/PPC rate - new users and upgrades (your existing key can be used with IBrowse 3). Users of the 68K only version of IBrowse 2.5 and older IBrowse versions will need to upgrade to unlock full functionality.

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