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AmiSSL is a port of OpenSSL for AmigaOS. It is a shared library that allows developers to easily add SSL/TLS/HTTPS support to their applications or access cryptographic functions, without having to worry about all the ins and outs of porting OpenSSL, whilst also reducing bloat because all applications can share the same AmiSSL library. Starting with AmiSSL v5, OpenSSL 3.0 even provides a built-in basic HTTP(S) client which makes it even easier for developers to read resources from the web without needing to worry about networking code.

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AmiSSL was originally created by Andrija Antonijevic, who released AmiSSL v1 in 1999. Stefan Burström later joined the development effort with AmiSSL v2 being released exclusively for IBrowse 2.3 in 2003. Stefan and Andrija continued to develop AmiSSL, with v3 being released in 2006 for 68k, which was available for any developers to use and IBrowse 2.4 used this version. Later that year, a PowerPC native version of AmiSSL v3 was provided as part of AmigaOS 4.0.

In 2012, with Andrija and Stefan having not developed AmiSSL any further, Jens Maus showed an interest in making it open source and updating it. Eventually, the sources were released and Jens and Thore Böckelmann stepped in to update the sources, making them more portable, cleaning up the entire build process and upgrading the OpenSSL version used. With development stalling, largely due the technical complication of base relative addressing which AmiSSL v3 had completely relied on (features provided by SAS/C and GCC for AmigaOS 4.x), Oliver Roberts then became involved in 2016 who helped sort out the base relative matters (due to the his knowledge of IBrowse using the same principles) and various issues. AmiSSL v4 was then released in 2017. Jens carried on with updates after that, until AmiSSL 4.4 in 2020, when Oliver started taking over all the development and oversaw the transition to OpenSSL 3.0 and the release of AmiSSL v5 in 2022.


AmiSSL is an integral part of IBrowse, as it is required to browse to websites using the HTTPS protocol. Whilst IBrowse 1.x used to have its own dedicated SSL support, support for MiamiSSL was soon added. With AmiSSL v2 then replacing the custom SSL support, users could choose to use MiamiSSL or AmiSSL v2, and later AmiSSL v3. Starting with IBrowse 2.5, MiamiSSL support was removed and AmiSSL v4 was required, and since IBrowse 2.5.6, AmiSSL v5 is required.

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