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Official IBrowse Mailing Lists
Discussion/support mailing list (english)

This mailing list is intended for all IBrowse issues and general discussion regarding IBrowse. To join, either send a blank e-mail to the subscription address or click the subscription web link if you have a Google account.

Post message: ibrowse-users@googlegroups.com or via web
Subscribe: ibrowse-users+subscribe@googlegroups.com or via web
Unsubscribe: ibrowse-users+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com or via web
List help: ibrowse-users+help@googlegroups.com
Archive: https://groups.google.com/group/ibrowse-users

Announcement mailing list

For announcements of new IBrowse versions and other significent news and developments, join this list. This list is read-only - you can't post to this mailing list. By it's nature, this list is of course less busy than the discussion/support list, so it's ideal if you want to hear about new releases without having to wade through lots of other messages.

Subscribe: announce-request@lists.ibrowse-dev.net (with subject set to "SUBSCRIBE")
Unsubscribe: announce-request@lists.ibrowse-dev.net (with subject set to "UNSUBSCRIBE")
List help: announce-request@lists.ibrowse-dev.net (with subject set to "HELP")
Archive: http://lists.ibrowse-dev.net/pipermail/announce_lists.ibrowse-dev.net/

Translators mailing list (private)

A private discussion list for translators where translation questions and issues may be discussed.

Subscribe: locale-request@lists.ibrowse-dev.net (with subject set to "SUBSCRIBE")
Unsubscribe: locale-request@lists.ibrowse-dev.net (with subject set to "UNSUBSCRIBE")
List help: locale-request@lists.ibrowse-dev.net (with subject set to "HELP")
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