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OpenSearch & Search Engines
Mycroft Choose from thousands of pre-configured search providers for your IBrowse Search Bar via the Mycroft Project.

In addition to Mycroft, below are a few examples to get you started. Click the links to add the corresponding entry to IBrowse's search bar, but this will only work if you have JavaScript enabled (OpenSearch autodiscovery does not require JavaScript):

> Aminet > OS4Depot > amiga-news.de (English) > amiga-news.de (German) > Amigans.net > Amiga Future > Hyperion forums > AmigaKit > Wikipedia > Google > Google Images > DuckDuckGo

(IBrowse 2.4 supported only the Sherlock standard, whereas IBrowse 2.5 additionally supports the OpenSearch standard, with IBrowse 2.5.6 adding OpenSearch autodiscovery)

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