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Register IBrowse 3.0a
30% Off IBrowse 3 is shareware and you may register your copy here, for personal non-automated e-mail support, unrestricted usage and free updates, direct from the developer. IBrowse was originally a commercial product distributed by HiSOFT Systems from 1996-2001 and subsequently by IOSPIRIT from 2003-2007, and also via their various resellers during those years. Unfortunately, we do not possess any customer records from the HiSOFT and IOSPIRIT period, but nevertheless we are offering discounted upgrade options if you still have your existing IBrowse installations registered in your name. In order for us to be able to verify that you qualify for an upgrade, you must have purchased IBrowse from HiSOFT, IOSPIRIT or their approved resellers (not a third-party or secondhand)

Browser advice: If you are not upgrading, you should proceed using a non-Amiga browser, due to the requirements of our payment gateway. For upgrades, you may find it easier to proceed using the IBrowse 3 demo, since you will need to upload your IBrowse2Key file for 2.x upgrades, or your registered IBrowse program file for 1.x upgrades. Once your upgrade has been manually approved, you will then be sent a confirmation link which you need to open in a non-Amiga browser.

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New IBrowse 3 user US$ 60.99 US$ 43.99 (USD)
Registered IBrowse 2.5 68K/PPC user upgrade free
Registered IBrowse 2.5 68K-Only user upgrade US$ 16.00 US$ 10.99 (USD)
Registered IBrowse 2.1-2.4 user upgrade US$ 32.99 US$ 21.99 (USD)
Registered IBrowse 1.x user upgrade US$ 49.99 US$ 32.99 (USD)
Lost or mislaid your IBrowse 3 or 2.5 key?
Request your IBrowse key filefree
AmiSSL v5 Development Donation
Optionally, help contribute to the continued development of AmiSSL v5, which IBrowse 3 needs to provide secure connections. Both AmiSSL v5 and IBrowse 3 are developed by Oliver Roberts.

None US$ 10 (USD) US$ 15 (USD) US$ 20 (USD) US$ 30 (USD)

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