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Coming up next in IBrowse 3
The following is an unedited chronological list of the majority of unreleased changes made, currently in testing, since the release of IBrowse 3.0a:

Beta Build 30.10 (10 Mar 2024)

  • <gui> Drag sorting groups in the hotlist manager now works again with MUI 3.8, at the expense of not being able to drag URLs from other areas onto a selected group
  • <gui> Fixed location gadget "Copy URL to clipboard" popup menu item from not being (dis/en)abled correctly when using MUI 3.x
  • <prefs> The save button in the preferences window now works correctly if the settings had previously been changed with the use button
  • <gui> Fixed enforcer hit that could occur in the location gadget class when a window was first opened
  • <misc> Changed rogue sprintf() calls to use our own routine
  • <html> Tweaked spacing following the end of a form
  • <html> Added missing spacing between a heading and a following table
  • <html> Adjusted logic in parsing broken HTML where the > character is missing from the end of the tag
  • <misc> Fixed the source edit window from being closed when modifying via an external editor
Beta Build 30.9 (14 Jan 2024)
  • <image> Added internal WebP image decoder
  • <gui> Disable the location gadget "Copy URL to clipboard" popup menu and window menu items when the location gadget is empty, preventing copying of an empty string
  • <gui> BUGID 1189: Reload toolbar button is now correctly disabled when switching between browser tabs
  • <image> Removed redundant palette data and routines
  • <misc> Use Exec mutexes instead of signal semaphores on AmigaOS 4.x
  • <html> Strip comments contained in <button> elements
  • <html> The attribute buffer is now doubled in size each time it needs to be enlarged, instead of increasing only by 2K, which speeds up reading of extremely long attribute values (used to take minutes!)
  • <prefs> Reduced memory and stack usage for fastlinks and macros
  • <misc> Bumped copyright year to 2024
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