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22 Dec 2023>IBrowse 3.0a + AmiSSL 5.13 Released

30% Off Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings to all our IBrowse 3 users. We hope you've been just as happy as the IBrowse 3 release last month as we have been. Although things have gone pretty smoothly, there were a couple of issues that slipped through the net, which we have remedied today with the release of IBrowse 3.0a. This includes one critical fix for a bug in the HTTP(S) module which could trash memory, resulting in either instant crashes or seemingly random crashes at a later stage, sometimes in different applications. For this reason, we are recommending that all users update their IBrowse 3.0 installation using the supplied installation utility. See the History log page for full details of the changes in this update.

This update is free for registered IBrowse 3 users. The prices for registering IBrowse 3 are up to 35% off the previous IBrowse 2.5 prices - please take your time to try IBrowse 3 before purchasing, as we are not planning to withdraw this offer at this time.

Today also sees the release of AmiSSL 5.13, marking the arrival of OpenSSL 3.2 to AmigaOS for the first time. IBrowse 3.0a will continue to work with AmiSSL 5.12, but will also work fine with AmiSSL 5.13, so you are free to update it at any time. See the details on the changes made in AmiSSL 5.13.

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