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29 Jan 2003>IBrowse 2.3 Released

LUND, Sweden, 29th January 2003 - Stefan Burstroem and the IBrowse Team are pleased to announce the immediate release of the eagerly awaited update to IBrowse 2.2, and to unveil IOSPIRIT as the new worldwide distributor.

IBrowse 2.3 brings web browsing on AmigaOS to a new level - below is a brief summary of the changes since version 2.2:

  • Heavily enhanced JavaScript support, based on JavaScript 1.5 and revision 3 of the ECMAScript specification, allowing access to sites which was not possible before
  • Secure connection support is now available via AmiSSL v2, which can be configured extensively in the IBrowse preferences. Importing and exporting of certificates is now also supported.
  • Greatly improved general stability and memory leaks plugged
  • Improved GUI, including enhanced browser tab functionality (such as drag'n'drop, keyboard support)
  • Issues with the ARexx interface have been fixed and new commands added
  • Hundreds of other minor and major bug fixes + improvements, and increased tolerance of broken sites for better compatibility
All these improvements greatly improve the browsing experience, and allow IBrowse to offer compatibility with many more websites than before.

IBrowse 2.3 is available from IOSPIRIT - to purchase, please visit http://www.iospirit.de/ (registered users of IBrowse 2.x can upgrade for free, and there is a special upgrade price available to registered IBrowse 1.x users).

(Note to news editors: this press release is also available in text format for use on your own sites)

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