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IBrowse 2.3 Changes Summary
updated 3 January 2003, 21:32:37 UTC
Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but merely a summary of the changes that were logged in the history over the last 2-3 years since IBrowse 2.2.

  1. IBTextfield could crash if the text was set when the gadget was invisible.
  2. Frame resize enforcer hit fixed.
  3. Pasting multi-line clipboard contents into URL Clipboard fixed.
  4. Stop button tab chain fixed.
  5. Windows no longer activated by window.focus() when IB is not active.
  6. Various layout and Drag & Drop tweaks.
  7. Very small windows with clicktabs crash fixed.
  8. String gadget maxlengths increased to 1kB.
  9. Download Manager Completed and Failed tab sort ordering reversed.
  10. Download Manager pops to front when exiting IBrowse if required.
  11. Further improvements to IBTextfield.
  12. Custom cycle menus now have keyboard control.
  13. Window title handling fixed.
  14. Invisible Drag & Drop zone fixed.
  15. Cycle gadget hits fixed.
  16. Tab opening and closing improved.
  17. Back/Forward/Navigate History response times improved.
  18. Location gadget de-selected after pasting URL and ARexx GOTO URL.
  19. Resizing, relayout and scrollbars optimised and improved.
  20. Incorrectly positioned scrollbars in IBTextfield fixed.
  21. Minor Hotlist Manager fixes.
  22. Drag & Drop tabs from one window to another improved.
  23. "Save hotlist as" file requester title fixed.
  24. Closing multiple windows causing a crash fixed.
  25. The last browser in use is now selected when closing another browser.
  26. Status text being shown at wrong time fixed.
  27. "Flush images in current browser" in Cache menu added.
  28. "Reload" in browser FAB menu added.
  29. Activation of Location: gadget when opening new browsers/windows added.
  30. Activation of Location: gadget when clicking hyperlinks fixed.
  31. Corruption of Windows menu fixed.
  32. Excessive GUI refreshing fixed.
  33. Clicktab activation and dragging improved.
  34. Drag & Drop from Clicktab to Fastlinks added.
  35. Hotkey support for Location: gadget added.
  36. Display of ASCII chars >128 in titlebar fixed.
  37. Rendering of delayed image symbol when image sizes are cached improved.
  38. Excesive flicker when using multiple document.write's fixed.
  39. Gadgets not loosing focus when opening a new browser fixed.
  40. Starting IBrowse a second time, now respects default new method.
  41. Download log not closing on request cancellation fixed.
  42. Title not set when viewing text files fixed.
  43. URL to new clicktab with default window method fixed.
  44. Spacebar navigation with form elements fixed.
  45. Frame resizing fixed.
  46. Some issues with form listviews fixed.
  47. Shortkey assisgnment to windows fixed.
  48. Details in the Status Bar improved.
  49. IBTextfield massively overhauled.
  50. Macro menu trashing fixed.
  51. Password requester tab chain fixed.
  52. Opening links in new browsers are now correctly marked as visited.
  53. Crash when pasting larger amounts of text into textfield fixed.
  54. Password requester defaults to OK when necessary.
  55. Lockup when cancelling the Mailer window fixed.
  56. URL dragging rendering improved.
  57. Menu on Clicktabs added.
  58. Clicktab to Window bug fixed.
  59. URL dragging bug fixed.
  60. Cycle gadget bugs fixed.
  61. Drag & Drop clipping on Clicktabs improved.
  62. Drag & Drop between Clicktabs added.
  63. Gadget focus bug fixed.
  64. Listviews cosmetically improved.
  65. Closing a browser now selects the one to the left rather than the first.
  66. Printer prefs window now opens on the iBrowse screen.
  67. Hotlist Add button now adds the URL from the active browser.
  68. Background refresh when switching Clicktabs fixed.

  1. Improved handling of malformed cookies.
  2. Enforcer hits on IBNetwork tasks fixed, hopefully for good.
  3. Problems with empty Content-Type for file upload forms fixed.
  4. Improved Cookie parser tollerance.
  5. Cookie date expiry string fixed.
  6. Location: header bug fixed.
  7. Cookie handling with port numbers fixed.
  8. HTTP0.9 responses improved.
  9. Refresh= in HTTP header support added.
  10. Multiple cookies with simular name bug fixed.
  11. Incorrectly stripped ? in cookie paths fixed.
  12. Problems with empty : after hostnames fixed.
  13. Download file size checking added.
  14. "Refuse from this server" fixed.
  15. Cookie Requester deadlock fixed.
  16. Servers not supplying a space after the colon in headers fixed.
  17. Local MIME types not being recognised fixed.
  18. User:password pair FTP handling improved.
  19. Possibility to specify MIME type for form uploads added.
  20. Image loading interupted when quiting windows fixed.
  21. "Abort all" downloads improved.
  22. "Abort all" downloads fixed.
  23. ETA calculation for downloads fixed.
  24. Failed download detection fixed.
  25. Support for user:password@host for http:// & https:// added.
  26. Truncated filenames fixed.
  27. Incorrect size shown in status bar due to buggy webservers fixed.
  28. Piggyback loading further improved.
  29. Double clicking URLs fixed.
  30. Aborting connections in a frames enviroment fixed.
  31. Viewing images with excessively long URLs fixed.
  32. HTTP redirection loop detection fixed.
  33. Rogue network task interuption bug fixed.
  34. URL Parser improved.
  35. Handling of special characters in query URL's now fixed.
  36. Malformed Date: Headers and redirection fixed.
  37. Anchor support with data pairs fixed.
  38. Content-Disposition header support added.
  39. Added ? as a valid hostname terminator.
  40. Aborting files in Download Manager fixed.
  41. MIME-type overriding fixed.
  42. FTP login name changed to "anonymous" to make it more compatable.
  43. Some Referer Header bugs fixed.
  44. Accessing FTP servers with broken MOTD's now fixed.
  45. Handling of spaces and reserved characters in URL's improved.
  46. Form uploaded files are now sent as application/octet-stream.
  47. mailto: form sending fixed.
  48. AmiSSL v2 support added.
  49. Network and Diskcache integration improved.
  50. Interupting SRC JS files causing browser to "die" bug fixed.
  51. Simultaneous URL network loading code fixed.
  52. Work-around for incorrect content-type headers added.

  1. Fixed problems with labels declared inside functions
  2. Fixed break <label> when label points to a for statement
  3. image.name property returning an empty string, fixed.
  4. Incorrect timeouts fixed.
  5. More arguments object handling reorganization
  6. Simplified arguments object handling code, fixing a bug where pointers to arguments in the declaration space could become stale
  7. Fixed < > <= >= comparison operators to return undefined if either operand evaluates to NaN
  8. Fixed problems with form.length != form.elements.length
  9. Fixed switch statement to handle multiple case statements on the same line
  10. Allow regexp literals after &&, || and in some other cases
  11. String arguments to Array.concat() cause a new member to be added containing that string, rather than a new member for each char in the string
  12. Fixed handling of break statement within an if statement where the loop was not a compound statement
  13. Image objects receiving incorrect properties fixed.
  14. Custom JS property support for form element arrays added.
  15. Implemented window.closed
  16. Fixed String.replace() - when first argument is a string, it is now converted to a flat regexp
  17. Be like IE and Opera and don't reserve keywords that are supposed to be reserve for future use
  18. Improved error message for function declarations where the first parameter is not an identifier
  19. Tweaked handling of number literals that have a leading zero - now the number is treated as decimal instead of octal if any digit in the number is bigger than 7
  20. The Date constructor now creates the date relative to local time when the parameter is a string and contains no timezone information
  21. Fixed a few problems with location.<prop> items
  22. 'this' is now retained for eval() calls
  23. Added area.onClick support
  24. Added support for body.onUnload and frameset.onUnload
  25. Fixed a few Name and ID related problems
  26. Cleaned up try...catch handling, and removed a memleak
  27. When converting NaN to an integer, the result is now 0 (as per ECMA-263)
  28. Fixed problems caused when passing the current arguments object to another function, but specifying less than the declared arguments for that function
  29. Fixed retention of arguments objects across function calls, which got broken in the declaration space rewrite
  30. Rewrote parseInt(), which didn't strip leading whitespace, handle negative values or implied hexadecimal values, and the radix parameter was not always adhered to
  31. Correct handling of out of bounds references to Option[]
  32. Made window.focus() use the Smart Window Activation option
  33. Fixed hits that occurred with syntax errors involving the if, with and while keywords (e.g. "with = 1" and "while = 1")
  34. Implemented "instanceof" and "in" special operators
  35. Error messages now also specify the class of error (as per the different error object types)
  36. Implemented Error, EvalError, RangeError, ReferenceError, SyntaxError, TypeError and URIError objects
  37. Restructured error handling so errors can be caught with try...catch
  38. Implemented try...catch and throw statements (to JS1.5 spec)
  39. Major rewrite of local function declaration space handling, to allow nested functions to inherit values from the context in which they were originally defined, rather than the context from which the function is being called from
  40. Math.random() no longer relies on SAS/C's initial internal seed, so the random number sequence is no longer the same in each session
  41. Fixed double->string converter, which was adding an extra '-' char to numbers with a negative exponent value
  42. Allow RegExp literals inside []
  43. EOLs are now handled properly in ?: expressions
  44. Leading zeroes in number literals now skipped
  45. When converting string variables/literals to number, no longer try to interpret an strings as an octal number
  46. Added dummy functions for captureEvents
  47. Fixed problems with cookies and ? URLs
  48. Stripping \r from strings before displaying them
  49. Fixed problems with arrays and toString() and valueOf()
  50. Tweaked handling of nested comments so that /*/*/ is valid
  51. Fixed a nasty recursion bug concerning the function prototype object, which would cause stack overflow followed by meltdown
  52. Only treat --> as a comment if it's at the start of a line, as to not break valid expressions such as "n-->0"
  53. Fixed broken parsing of \x hex escapes in strings
  54. Skip EOLs in empty object initializer expressions
  55. Turns out the fix for memory loss problem in 23.10 wasn't quite right and could cause hits or free memory twice in a worst case scenario - have now found the real root of the bug, and this should now be fully fixed
  56. IBrowse now allows white space at the end of </script>
  57. String.indexOf() now properly checks for out of range fromIndex
  58. Now short-circuit evaluation really does work properly for ?: expressions, and handles the comma operator correctly too
  59. Fixed non-initialization bugs in Array.concat, Array.push, Array.slice, Array.splice, String.split and String.match, which could cause random crashes and/or memory trashing
  60. Recompiled everything to use SysBase rather than reading memory location 4 everytime before calling exec.library
  61. Fixed expression short-circuit evaluation to work properly inside ?: expressions
  62. All class methods called with more parameters than required no longer cause an error - extra arguments are silently ignored
  63. The prototype objects for the internal classes are now setup to objects of the correct type, instead of them all using generic objects
  64. The methods of the internal classes now inherit methods from the Function class
  65. It turns out the program objects for top-level internal methods in each program space never got freed, which resulted in an approx 20K accumulated memory loss after visiting any page that uses JS, which only got freed when exiting IBrowse - now fixed!
  66. Cleaned up program space allocation code - no longer crashes or causes hits on failure
  67. Fixed some Option() memory trashing
  68. Added support for onMouseOver and onMouseOut
  69. Implemented isFinite() top-level method
  70. Improved refresh when JS is updating JS objects on a page
  71. Fixed problems accessing image maps properties
  72. Date.setYear() is now able to handle a 4-digit year parameter, in addition to the usual year-1900 (no more strange eBay cookie expiration dates)
  73. Negative array indices are now interpreted as a property name, rather than enforcing an out of range error
  74. Fixed hits which could occur when JS accessed images on pages with <li>
  75. Improved document indexing
  76. When accessing a host object, if the host index is a number in a string, and the corresponding array item is undefined, we now try again treating the original string as a property name
  77. Added custom ECMA-compatible float->string conversion routine, since SAS/C's gcvt() is too lossy, causing problems on some sites
  78. Fixed bug in the logical expression short-circuit code
  79. Fixed problems with forms containing elements named the same as the actual form
  80. typeof hostref now evaluates to "object" instead of "hostObject"
  81. Fixed cases where the end of an expression, during short-circuit evaluation of logical expressions, was not determined correctly
  82. Functions defined locally inside a function should inherit the local declarations in the current scope
  83. Fixed escaping of linebreaks in strings
  84. Fixed problems with event handlers removing other event handlers
  85. Added support for location.assign("url");
  86. Fixed misc problems with document.getSelection();
  87. Fixed problem with switch statements placed at the very end of a script
  88. Fixed the for...in statement to only return the indexes of array elements that have actually been set by the script
  89. Location.href assignments now use the URL of the page where the script was created as base when calculating the new URL
  90. Reading a return value from a host function that doesn't actually set a return value is no longer treated as an error
  91. Now IBrowse prompts when a js is trying to close a window
  92. Fixed bug in RegExp character class bitmap creation which caused memory to get trashed for any chars above 127
  93. Some minor fixes and optimizations in the RegExp module
  94. When reporting errors, truncate string from both sides of the actual error when the total line length is greater than 80 chars (helps with those "JS all on one line" scripts)
  95. Fixed searching for Image objects inside forms
  96. Fixed excessive flicker on pages with lots of document.write
  97. setTimeout and setInterval is now only cleared if the script that created them contains errors. All other scripts remain unaffected of errors
  98. No longer ignore return statement errors when return is used outside a function
  99. Made Image.border a writable property
  100. Added Image.onLoad
  101. Fixed name references in window.open();
  102. Added JS1.3 call and apply methods for functions
  103. Functions no longer inherit values from local variables defined in the calling function
  104. Window.* custom properties are now tied to global variables of the same name, instead of the current instance (e.g. local variable)
  105. Optimized object valueOf/toString() fallback routines
  106. Fixed all hostObject.valueOf() and hostObject.toString()
  107. Fixed problems with Image.src
  108. Fixed problems with Form.method
  109. Undeclared hostref values now converted to undefined
  110. Fixed problems with equality comparisons involving hostrefs and made the JSLib perform the comparison internally
  111. Reading Image.src generated enforcerhits
  112. Added prefs option disable window move and resize from javascripts
  113. Fixed so that options[nn] where nn is larger than the array returns undefined
  114. Fixed problems with pages that opens new browsers while parsing pages with form elements on
  115. Fixed problems with Image objects beeing assigned urls multiple times
  116. Fixed problems with location.reload();
  117. Return value from eventhandlers that errors is now ignored when th rest of the execution is performed
  118. Skip EOLs in period references, array indices and between prefix/postfix operators
  119. Enabled error reporting for all errors that occur inside an expression, which will provide more precise messages and catch syntax errors that went by unnoticed until now
  120. Fixed length property for objects - for string wrapper objects the length is now the actual string length, and is not a property of all objects other than arrays and functions (may be set by user); also, the length property of string and function objects can no longer be modified
  121. When converting a number to a string, upto 21 significent digits are now produced (was 10) as per ECMA-263, before resorting to exponential notation
  122. The arguments array is no longer read-only and can now also be indexed with numerical strings as well as numbers
  123. When a function modifies the parameter(s) it was given, the corresponding arguments array entry is changed too, and vice versa
  124. Fixed use of ?: expressions inside a [] pair
  125. Added support for window.opener
  126. Changed search order back for document properties. (See beta 54)
  127. Fixed problems with option.value
  128. Fixed problems with form[nn] references
  129. Fixed problems with unnamed Textarea objects
  130. Fixed problems with Form references not beeing equal
  131. Fixed problems with image.name property
  132. Local declarations in event handler text now take priority over variables of the same name that may be in the default-chain
  133. Made Submit.value and Reset.value writeable
  134. Fixed use of implicit functions inside functions
  135. Fixed function expressions not working with named functions
  136. Fixed problems with ?: statements that contain function expressions
  137. Fixed escape() to escape correct chars, as per ECMA-262-3
  138. Fixed unescape() - completely broken since 22.40
  139. Event handlers now get their own declaration space
  140. Setting location.href="#hash" does not load the page now
  141. Fixed enforcerhits from link.hash etc. accesses
  142. Fixed bug in Button.onClick
  143. Fixed Radio.onClick return value
  144. Changed search order for document. Now page elements are considered before built in properties are considered
  145. Fixed problems with new Image() and setting properties
  146. Fixed Image.onClick
  147. Cleaned up image support
  148. Added support onBlur support for: button, checkbox, radio, text, password, reset and submit
  149. Added support onFocus support for: button, checkbox, radio, text, password, reset and submit
  150. Added support for onChange in string gadgets
  151. onclick are correctly handled for form submit and reset buttons now
  152. Removed type=image from the form.elements array
  153. mimeTypes[] can now be indexd with mime strings (like "text/html")
  154. Added mimeType.description, mimeType.enabledPlugin, mimeType.suffixes and mimeType.type
  155. Added support for toLocaleUpperCase, toLocaleLowerCase and localeCompare string object methods
  156. Added support for toDateString, toTimeString, toLocaleDateString and toLocaleTimeString date object methods
  157. Modified Date.toString text format to match IE/NS/Moz
  158. Calling eval() with an empty string no longer results in an error
  159. Fixed some problems with event handlers for <option> beeing called when it shouldn't
  160. Fixed various problems with single item lists
  161. Fixed problems with initially selected options from JS
  162. Added support for select.options.selectedIndex
  163. Fixed || and && operators to always return the left or right operand expression, and not a boolean value (e.g. the result of 2 || 3 is now 2 - and not true)
  164. Numeric strings can now be used to access array members of host objects by index (e.g. document.images["0"] is equivalent to document.images[0])
  165. Fixed problems with embedded JavaScripts in <option> tags
  166. Array.reverse and Array.sort now return a reference to the array being worked on, instead of no return value
  167. Array.slice can now be called with no parameters
  168. RegExp literals are now recognized in ?: expressions
  169. eval() is now able to handle a string representing just a RegExp
  170. Fixed problems with using continue in a for statement
  171. IBrowse now asks for abort of Javascripts after a user defined time
  172. Fixed problems with very short setTimeout/setInterval
  173. Fixed window.resizeTo() problems
  174. Fixed problems with checkbox.value
  175. Fixed problems with options.text and options.value
  176. Added possibility of having and handling an invalid date object, instead of forcing an error
  177. Date methods now handle NaN arguments properly
  178. Convert empty strings to 0 (instead of NaN) during string->number conversion
  179. Referer is now correctly set for external JavaScripts
  180. Fixed escape() to correctly escape only needed chars.
  181. added support for form.onReset and form.onSubmit
  182. Fixed comparison operators where one operand was undefined - now those comparisons always evaluates to false again (got broken in an earlier change)
  183. Fixed problems with recursive javascript loading. (eg ebay.com)
  184. Fixed a few option.select bugs
  185. Made option multiselect deselection visually more attractive
  186. Fixed location.target problems
  187. Made document.title writeable
  188. Improved document.cookie
  189. Fixed select.options array finally !?!
  190. Fixed writing to select.length
  191. Fixed problems with empty <area> tags
  192. Skip EOLs before first function argument
  193. Fixed bitwise operators to correctly handle negative or out of range values
  194. Interchanged behaviour of the >> and >>> operators
  195. Some more fixes for the == and != operators
  196. Fixed % operator - now converts non-numeric operands
  197. Fixed comments in expressions getting misinterpreted as RegExps
  198. Skip EOLs after parenthesis in function expressions
  199. Fixed .prototype for objects created with user-defined constructors
  200. Fixed String.replace memleak (occurred when there were no matches)
  201. Improved parsing of RegExp character classes
  202. Allow unescaped '/' characters in character classes of RegExp literals, for IE compatibility
  203. Fixed if...else to work with no statements (e.g. if (1); else;)
  204. Changed <, >, <= and >= operators to behave much closer to the ECMA-262-3 spec, especially handling of objects and null or undefined values
  205. Fixed the -, * and / operators to correctly handle a non-numeric right operand, as per ECMA-262-3
  206. Fixed the +, == and != operators to correctly handle object operands (e.g. date objects), as per ECMA-262-3
  207. Date object overhauled, now fully complying with JS 1.3/1.5, with zillions of fixes and enhancememts :) Includes input value range checking/handling, platform independent date->string format, handles dates before 1970, and fixed timezone handling,
  208. Fixed parse error caused when break statement used inside an if...else statement
  209. Fixed for, while and do...while statements, for when defined to execute no statments in the loop (e.g. while(i++<n);)
  210. Fixed eval() - can handle normal statements now, as well as expressions, and now handles a non-string parameter correctly
  211. Reimplemented Function.arguments object to allow it to be referenced outside the function it belongs to
  212. Function object: now supports arity, arguments.callee and arguments.caller properties
  213. Added support for new Option and rewrote the select.option handling due to this.
  214. Fixed trailing comma not being handled after ?: expression
  215. Improved how image changes are handled
  216. Fixed area.hash, area.host, area.hostname, area.href, area.pathname, area.port, area.protocol, area.search, area.target, area.text, area.x, area.y, area.onMouseOut and area.onMouseOver
  217. Improved handling of nested script tags in JavaScripts
  218. Fixed setting .href to relative URLs.
  219. Fixed a nasty crash bug when JavaScripts in frames were loading new URLs in windows already loading URLS
  220. Fixed crashes caused by string.replace, when using regexps with the global flag
  221. Cleaned up string.split and added support for regexp argument
  222. Fixed regexp statics, which were incorrect if a match failed
  223. Various minor optimizations and cleanups in the regexp code
  224. Fixed navigator.mimeTypes
  225. Fixed document.lastModified
  226. Fixed window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight
  227. Added support for window.stop
  228. Fixed so that javascripts can be executed from location.href
  229. Fixed history.go()
  230. Fixed writing to document.location
  231. Fixed window.parent
  232. Fixed a problem which would crash IBrowse if pages with forms were generated on the fly using JS and the pages changed between 1st time and when you clicked back
  233. Fixed window.prompt and window.print
  234. Fixed select.onchange handler
  235. Fixed window.find
  236. Fixed document.cookie
  237. Fixed problems with for(;;) statements
  238. Added 1.2 syntax for window.setTimeout and window.setInterval
  239. Fixed document.alinkColor, document.bgColor, document.fgColor, document.linkColor, document.vlinkColor and document.domain
  240. Fixed document.anchors
  241. Fixed link.hash, link.host, link.hostname, link.href, link.pathname, link.port, link.protocol, link.search, link.target, link.text, link.x, link.y and link.onClick
  242. Fixed textarea.select
  243. Fixed window.screen
  244. Fixed location.hash, location.host, location.hostname, location.href, location.pathname, location.port, location.protocol and location.search
  245. Fixed location.reload and location.replace
  246. Fixed anchor.name, anchor.text, anchor.x and anchor.y
  247. button.onClick is now called properly
  248. Cleaned up how with() chains are handled so now eventhandlers should work much better.
  249. Added even more cosmetic fixes for option.text
  250. Fixed option.text
  251. Fixed navigator.platform, navigator.version and navigator.language
  252. button.value now causes a relayout
  253. Fixed a bug which could make IBrowse browsers 'dead' when interrupting pages with src linked JavaScripts
  254. Fixed history.current, history.next and history.previous
  255. Fixed the hanging window.clearTimeout
  256. Fixed select.name, select.blur and select.focus
  257. Fixed option.defaultSelected and option.selected
  258. Fixed window.setInterval partially, window.clearInterval partially and window.length
  259. Somewhat fixed document.width and document.height
  260. Fixed document.images[index]
  261. Fixed window.moveBy, window.moveTo, window.resizeBy, window.resizeTo, window.scroll, window.scrollBy, window.scrollTo
  262. Fixed document.lastModified
  263. window.open("","name"); now opens an empty window named 'name'
  264. Fixed window.name
  265. Fixed depth arranging of window.focus and window.blur
  266. Fixed the way form elements with the same name are handled
  267. Fixed radio.checked, radio.defaultChecked, radio.form radio.name, radio.type radio.value, radio.focus, radio.click and radio.blur
  268. Fixed document.title, document.URL
  269. Fixed window.focus, window.blur and window.home window.outerWidth, window.outerHeight window.screenX, window.screenY, window.pageXOffset and window.pageYOffset
  270. Fixed form.action, form.encoding, form.method, form.name, form.target and form.length
  271. Fixed button.click, reset.click and submit.click checkbox.click
  272. Fixed checkbox.blur, checkbox.focus, fileupload.blur, fileupload.focus, fileupload.select, password.focus, password.select, textarea.blur and textarea.focus
  273. Fixed text.focus, text.select, button.focus, button.blur, reset.focus reset.blur, submit.focus and submit.blur
  274. Fixed testarea.defaultValue, testarea.form, testarea.name, testarea.type and testarea.value
  275. Fixed submit.form, submit.name, submit.type. submit.value reset.form, reset.name reset.type and reset.value
  276. Fixed option.index
  277. Fixed fileupload.form, fileupload.name, fileupload.type and fileupload.value
  278. Fixed password.defaultValue, password.form, password.name and password.type
  279. Fixed text.defaultValue, text.form, text.name and text.type
  280. Fixed hidden.form, hidden.name and hidden.type
  281. Fixed checkbox.form, checkbox.name, checkbox.type, checkbox.checked and checkbox.defaultChecked
  282. Fixed button.form button.name button.type button.value
  283. Fixed screen.availTop and screen.availLeft
  284. Misc fixes to Select widgets
  285. Image.vspace now works
  286. Unnamed images now return null as name
  287. Added possibilities for JavaScripts to update Option lists
  288. Added onClick support for regular links
  289. Most browser JSObjects now can have properties added to them
  290. Labels are now recognized
  291. Comma operator now supported
  292. Less pedantic parsing of variable declarations
  293. Fixed some incorrect handling of nested ?: expressions
  294. Added support for nested functions
  295. Allow lists to contain empty elements
  296. Added support for object initializers
  297. Handle re("string") as re.exec("string") (re is a regular expression)
  298. Allow individual string characters to be referenced using string indexing
  299. Treat 08 and 09 as decimal (07 is octal)
  300. Added parser support the regular expression literals
  301. Hex and octal char escapes in strings now handled
  302. Expand \v in strings to vertical tab char code
  303. Ignore ending '-->' in source for scripts that don't comment it out
  304. Array.shift now correctly returns undefined for empty arrays
  305. Fixed Array.splice and Array.concat
  306. Fixed Date constructor - input range of month parameter was incorrect
  307. Added Date.getUTCFullYear, Date.getUTCMonth, Date.getUTCDate, Date.getUTCDay, Date.getUTCHours, Date.getUTCMinutes, Date.getUTCSeconds and Date.getUTCMilliseconds
  308. Added Date.setUTCFullYear, Date.setUTCMonth, Date.setUTCDate, Date.setUTCHours, Date.setUTCMinutes, Date.setUTCSeconds and Date.setUTCMilliseconds
  309. Added Date.setFullYear, Date.setMilliseconds, Date.getMilliseconds and Date.valueOf
  310. Date.UTC() now accepts a milliseconds parameter
  311. Function constructor now generates dummy function when called with no args, instead of generating an error
  312. Added String.search, String.match and String.replace support
  313. Fixed/improved String.split
  314. Implemented the RegExp object
  315. Handles multiple variable declarations (e.g. var a = b =1)
  316. Skips EOLs after '=' in assignment expressions
  317. EOLs are now allowed between arguments and other elements in function declarations
  318. Now performs shortcut evaluation of logical expressions (C-alike)
  319. EOLs before the colon in ?: expressions are now skipped
  320. Added Date.parse
  321. Added support for String.fromCharCode and String.charCodeAt
  322. Parsing of statments less pedantic in regards to EOLs
  323. No longer ignores function definitions that don't appear at the top-level
  324. Added support for the do...while statement
  325. Improved statement skipping so that it doesn't skip multiple statements when terminating semicolons are not used
  326. Fixed eval() so that it can handle a trailing semicolon
  327. Added support for the switch/case/default statements
  328. Indexed array members can now be accessed by numerical strings too
  329. Function.toSource() now supported
  330. Fixed problem which caused methods of function objects to raise an error
  331. Added String.concat and String.splice
  332. Added Array.concat, Array.pop, Array.push, Array.shift, Array.unshift, Array.slice and Array.splice
  333. Added JavaScript substr support
  334. Fixed problems with JavaScript images with other sizes than default sizes
  335. Fixed an escaping bug in the JavaScript engine

  1. Stack overflow with deeply nested unclosed tables fixed.
  2. Comment parser bug fixed.
  3. Images missing src= tags now display errors.
  4. FRAMEBORDER aliased with BORDER.
  5. Meta-Refresh handling improved.
  6. Named type=image attributes within forms now fixed.
  7. <script> comment parser improved.
  8. Problems with named images inside forms fixed.
  9. HTML comment parser improved.
  10. Empty <option> tags now supported.
  11. text/javascript identification recognition added.
  12. Eventhandlers and empty <a> tags now supported.
  13. Comment parsing in <style> tags improved.
  14. NULL bytes stripped when viewing HTML source.
  15. Javascript1.3 and Javascript1.4 identification recognition added.
  16. target= attribute can now be any named window.
  17. about:blank added.
  18. Empty <area> tags fixed.
  19. Comment parsing improved.
  20. Flushing table backgrounds fixed.
  21. Table refresh code significantly improved.
  22. Parser handling of HTML comments and </script> improved.
  23. Hits from non-named form elements fixed.
  24. Parser maintains &xyz; entities before passing to the JS engine.
  25. Handling of .. & . in URLs fixed.
  26. Another workaround for quotes in Meta-Refresh added.
  27. Problems with "_parent" frame references fixed.
  28. Quote chars in Meta-Refresh fixed.
  29. \n & \r chars in Meta-Refresh fixed.
  30. &beta; &dagger; &oelig; &prime; &yuml; &bdquo; &bsquo &emsp; added.
  31. &ensp; &frasl; &ldquo; &lowast; &lsquo; &lsaquo; &minus; added.
  32. &mu; &oelig; &oline; &permil; &prime; &rdquo; &rsquo; &rsaquo; added.
  33. &sdot; &sim; &thinsp; &tilde; &trade; &zwj; &zwnj; &Beta; added.
  34. &Dagger; &OElig; &Prime; &Yuml; added.
  35. Form elements are now rendered without <form> tags.
  36. Table background rendering bug fixed.
  37. &ndash; & &mdash; added.
  38. &euro; support added.
  39. <strike> added.
  40. Empty attribute handing improved.
  41. <tt> & <code> added.
  42. Some rendering errors with <pre> fixed.
  43. PC/Mac -> Amiga font mapping improved.
  44. Meta-Refresh in frames improved.
  45. Combined <a name=/href=> fixed.
  46. \n & \r handling improved.
  47. Whitespace handling in <title> improved.
  48. Handling of &#60; (<) improved.
  49. Incorrectly terminated <select> markups fixed.
  50. Text being rendered ontop of itself bug fixed.
  51. Multiple cookies in one transaction bug fixed.
  52. PC/Mac -> Amiga font mapping added.
  53. <ol start=nnn> attribute added.

  1. "URL Prefs" settings being overridden under certain conditions fixed.
  2. "Ignore custom colors" improved.
  3. Saving settings on exit now opens a file requester so you can save as another filename.
  4. Certificate handling improved.
  5. "Expire now" added.
  6. "Links expire after" added.
  7. Opening time improved by delaying the AmiSSLv2 data loading until req.
  8. Minor gadget fixes.
  9. External viewer arguments now use a popup list.
  10. Various layout improvements.
  11. Moving custom toolbar buttons fixed.
  12. Gadget ghosting fixed.
  13. Tidied up prefs layout slightly.
  14. "Default close method" added.
  15. "Remap Windows characters" added.
  16. ASL requester for Javascript Error log added.
  17. Unimplemented options disabled or removed to clean up prefs.
  18. Export option for CA Certs added.
  19. Missing gadget titles in FAB Menus and Font prefs added.
  20. Sanity checks to font prefs added.
  21. "Editable source window" fixed.
  22. Import option for CA Certs added.
  23. Delayed image map loading fixed.
  24. Delayed image sizing and loading fixed.
  25. Printer settings asked to be saved on exit.
  26. MIME main- and sub- types lengths increased to 34 characters.
  27. "Enable Javascript move and resize" option added.
  28. "Javascript timelimit" option added.
  29. "Use Email for anonymous ftp login" fixed.
  30. "Cache URLs" setting modified to relect actual function.
  31. "New browser/window" handling changed and improved.
  32. "Show space for new tab" option added.
  33. "Show single browser tab" option added.
  34. "Save URL Clipboard" option added.
  35. "Stop GIF Animations" fixed.
  36. Cipher selection added.

  1. IBrowse logo slightly improved.
  2. Increased max URL length to 8192 bytes and checked everywhere.
  3. Small memory allocation problem fixed.
  4. Installer modified to not overwrite CopyReplace.
  5. Fixed a memory leak inside framesets
  6. Startup heuristics added to allow opening local files without file://localhost/
  7. Excessive memory usage fixed.
  8. ICE integration improved.
  9. MUI Redraw without clear bug fixed.
  10. URL parsers improved.
  11. Date parsing improved.
  12. NOPREFS and NOEDITHOTLIST tooltypes added and fixed.
  13. Catalog strings tided up and improved.
  14. Loading frames in an iconified window fixed.
  15. Handling of MUI objects on webpages improved.
  16. Error handling with ICE added.
  17. IBCacheBrowser.mcc location changed to PROGDIR:ibcc.
  18. Handling of active MUI objects on webpages improved.
  19. Filename length limitation changed.
  20. Copying of ASCII char 255 fixed.
  21. Support for &body in mailto: links added.
  22. Quitting IBrowse with running subtasks improved.
  23. Removed references to Omnipresence.
  24. Aborting downloads while cache-cleanup is performing improved.
  25. User-Agent string improved.
  26. Unknown gopher image(s) requests fixed.
  27. %u placeholder in macros & fastlinks fixed.
  28. Problems with missing Download directory fixed.
  29. Save Source now prompts the user when the file already exists.
  30. Download Log fixed.
  31. Download time calculation improved to correct overflows.
  32. V39 ram-hander bug work-around implemented.
  33. Memleak on Forms fixed.
  34. Memleak on Preferences fixed.
  35. Memleak on Anim-GIF fixed.
  36. Memleak on URL Clipboard fixed.
  37. Out Of Memory errors on external mailto: bug fixed.
  38. Textareas are now submitted with <CR><LF>.
  39. Embedded object crash fixed.
  40. Quitting with multiple browsers fixed.
  41. URLClipboard autosaves on changes if enabled.
  42. Low memory conditions improved.
  43. Chipmem limit handling fixed.
  44. Removed some hacks that are now part of MUI4.

  1. Problems with overwriting files and asking user fixed.
  2. Problems with file:// fixed.
  3. DOS paths missing for external viewers fixed.
  4. File comments now written before file download is complete.
  5. Cached files smaller than header prefetch not loading fixed.
  6. Files to be overwritten are now deleted before the download commences.
  7. Downloaded files are now readable while being downloaded.
  8. DOS script output redirection fixed.
  9. Async IO updated to NDUK3.9.
  10. URLs are converted to real filenames before requesters are opened.

  1. NEWBROWSER fixed.
  2. * escaping fixed.
  3. PRINT command added.
  4. ADDHOTLIST command fixed.
  5. QUIT FORCE command fixed.
  6. NEW & NEWBROWSER commands added.
  7. FLUSH command improved.
  8. RELOAD, OPENHISTORY & FLUSH commands fixed.
  9. QUERY command fixed.
  10. CLOSEBROWSER command added.
  11. CLOSEWINDOW command retained for backwards compatability.
  12. Error checking when adding a new Hotlist entry fixed.

  1. Text only printing, with a Custom device fixed.
  2. "Printer" destination fixed.
  3. Save, Restore and Reset menus added.
  4. Progress bar for printing added.
  5. Backwards printing for Postscript enabled.
  6. Problems with printing images cached in Fastmem fixed.
  7. Images over 64k are now printed correctly.
  8. Postscript driver updated to latest layout engine.
  9. Internation Character handling fixed and improved.

  1. Hanging PNG images fixed.
  2. PNG decoder upgraded to libpng-1.2.1.
  3. Datatype scaling (when applicable) added.
  4. Graphic corruption with Spectrum cards fixed.
  5. Flushing background images fixed.
  6. Caching of images where one of the sizes=0 fixed.
  7. Image sizes and caching improved.
  8. Wait For Image Size & non-cached images not being displayed fixed.
  9. Resized image caching fixed.
  10. Workaround for broken GIF dimensions added.
  11. GIF Anim decoder delay work-around implemented.
  12. PNG transparency bug fixed.
  13. PNG decoder updated.
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