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16 Dec 2022>IBrowse 2.5.8 Released

Happy Christmas to all our loyal IBrowse users and thank you for the continued support. In 2023, we hope to share some exciting plans for the future of IBrowse. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of IBrowse 2.5.8, which may be downloaded (OS4 users may use AmiUpdate instead). This is the eighth free update for registered owners of IBrowse 2.5. IBrowse 2.1-2.4 and 1.x owners may upgrade to IBrowse 2.5.8 via our store at discounted rates.

Please note: IBrowse 2.5.8 requires AmiSSL 5.5 as minimum, with AmiSSL 5.6 being the latest version at the time of writing, so you are advised to download it before updating IBrowse, otherwise you will be left without HTTPS access.

Due to the bugs that unfortunately crept into the initial 2.5.7 release (although these were quickly resolved with hotfixes) we decided to make a full new stable release. This release contains the previous hotfixes, plus a few more fixes and improvements:

  • Unescape the URL before showing it in the popup bubble when the mouse is over links
  • Fixed crash that occurs if the info window failed to allocate memory when updating the URL
  • Fixed crash that can happen when specifying a non-existent filename on the command line when starting from the shell
  • OS4: Reversed the protocol and codec modules file lock change in 25.108, unless at least elf.library 53.35 is detected, due to a relocation issue in older versions
  • Fixed Gemini support which stopped working in 25.108
  • Include updated Greek catalogs from Aminet
See the history log or changes list for IBrowse 2.5 for a full breakdown of all the changes made.

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