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After many years of unavailablity, IBrowse can now be purchased directly from the developers via this website. IBrowse was originally distributed by HiSOFT Systems from 1996-2001 and subsequently by IOSPIRIT from 2003-2007, and also via their various resellers during those years. Unfortunately, we do not possess any customer records from the HiSOFT and IOSPIRIT period, but nevertheless we are offering discounted upgrade options if you still have your existing IBrowse installations registered in your name. In order for us to be able to verify that you qualify for an upgrade, you must have purchased IBrowse from HiSOFT, IOSPIRIT or their approved resellers (not a third-party, where we know keys have been stolen or uploaded in the past).

Browser advice: If buying a new key you must proceed using a non-Amiga browser, unfortunately, due to the requirements of our payment gateway. For upgrades, you may find it easier to proceed using the IBrowse 2.5 demo, since you will need to upload your IBrowse2Key file for 2.x upgrades, or your registered IBrowse program file for 1.x upgrades. Once your upgrade has been approved, you will then be sent a payment link which you must then use in a non-Amiga browser.

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Buy New Full IBrowse 2.5 License US$ 59.99 (USD)
Upgrade options for existing IBrowse 2.1-2.4 owners
AmigaOS 4.1FE (PPC) + 3.x (68020-060) US$ 31.99 (USD)
AmigaOS 3.x only (68020-060) US$ 15.99 (USD)
Upgrade options for existing IBrowse 1.x owners
AmigaOS 4.1FE (PPC) + 3.x (68020-060) US$ 47.99 (USD)
AmigaOS 3.x only (68020-060) US$ 31.99 (USD)
Sidegrade for existing IBrowse 2.5 68K-Only owners
Upgrade your 2.5 key for AmigaOS 4.1FE (PPC) US$ 16.00 (USD)
Lost or mislaid your IBrowse 2.5 key?
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