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IBrowse 2.4 Changes Summary
updated 22 December 2006, 17:41:24 UTC
Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but merely a summary of the changes that were logged in the history since IBrowse 2.3 was released.

  1. Fixed WACL PAGEURL not working for blocking embeds
  2. Renamed WACL DELAY and HIDE options to DELAYIMAGES and HIDEIMAGES, whilst adding new DELAYEMBEDS and HIDEEMBEDS options to allow blocking of flash anims, etc
  3. Fixed WACL delayed images interfering with the "Wait for Image" features
  4. WACL no longer blocks popups opened via direct user input (e.g. clicking links, images, form elements/buttons)
  5. Don't ignore last entry in s:wacl.conf if not newline terminated
  6. Web Advert Control Language support now works

  1. Bumped version id to 9.0 r28
  2. Delay graphics initialization if IBrowse is iconified
  3. Fixed handling of multiple stream plugin instances, where the URL matching was broken
  4. BUGID 1402: Fixed a stack overflow bug due to libflash getting stuck in a recursive loop
  5. Suppress jpeg error messages
  6. Updated with zlib 1.2.3 and fixes part of libflash 0.4.13 which has solved at least one crash bug
  7. Ignore fscommand: URLs which flash files may try to use
  8. Fixed swflash lib bug which caused memory to be trashed when playing some specific flash files
  9. The previous 24-bit render code fix actually got lost during code reorganisation, but should be working properly now
  10. Fixed bug in library startup code which was trashing the stack and crashing on close, after a delayed expunge
  11. Fixed bad refresh for simple refresh windows that happened if the window needed refreshing before the display initialisation
  12. Fixed 15-bit and 24-bit render code
  13. Fixed bugs in the AGA render code
  14. Mouse pointer now changes when over "buttons"
  15. Added workaround for buggy scaling in the flash lib
  16. Fixed memory management bugs
  17. Fixed buffer overflow in the sound decoder
  18. Cleaned up render code so that only the visible portion of the canvas is drawn, for resized anims whose proportions do not match the original
  19. Unhandled flash files could result in trash being rendered to the display area, due to out of range lookup table references
  20. Fixed various memory and resource leaks
  21. AGA render code added

  1. Fixed hits that occur when a new stream in a multi-stream plugin object fails with an error, when viewed seperately
  2. Fixed crash that could occur with plugin objects using multiple streams when the page is freed
  3. Fixed crash that could happen when exiting IBrowse while it is iconified and loaded pages have plugin objects
  4. Fixed hits that occurred when opening a plugin object in a background browser
  5. Fixed plugin objects loaded separately from not being displayed when using back/forward
  6. Fixed crash that could occur when iconifying while plugin objects are loading
  7. Fixed NPN_GetURL to handle sending new streams to the plugin
  8. Fixed non-clearing of browser area when loading flash files seperately
  9. Fixed crashes that could occur with plugin instances that use multiple streams
  10. Fixed plugin objects reacting to user input when outside the display area
  11. Fixed NPM_GetURL to work properly in framesets
  12. Use the page URL when resolving relative URLs received via NPN_GetURL, for embedded plugin objects
  13. Fixed the hit when ';' is missing from the MIMETYPE plugin tooltype.
  14. Enabled plugins

  1. Resynced PS printing layout engine with main layout engine, fixing miscalculations in document length / pages
  2. Fixed PS printing non-breaking space layout problems
  3. PostScript printing works again, after getting broken in the last beta
  4. Implemented printing of embedded object placeholders
  5. Fixed printing of image placeholders
  6. Fixed bug in PS printing text width calculation which could cause text overlay other content instead of being wrapped to the next line Printing: Fixed bug in colour image printing
  7. Resynced PS printing layout engine with main layout engine
  8. The palette used for printing datatype images (that includes internal images, such as <li> bullets, too) was not correct when using an 8-bit display - fixed
  9. Printing of images that have transparency was still flawed - rewritten to work properly this time
  10. Fixed PS printing of images that have transparency, which wasn't working when running on a screen > 8-bit depth

  1. Added OPENDLMANAGER ARexx command to open the Download Manager
  2. "New" ARexx command now honors the Default Activation setting
  3. Fixed the background tab loading via ARexx
  4. The PRINT ARexx command now deiconifies IBrowse, preventing the print windIdow from failing to close

  1. Fixed default FAB menu prefs which changed last beta and crashed
  2. Fixed bug in the font prefs layout when not running on OS4
  3. Removed save path from x509 cert mimetype
  4. Improved cert import and postponed p7b + pem files for IB3.0
  5. Limited the maximum name and button title fields for the mycroft handler to match the search url prefs limits
  6. Fixed "View frame separately" from not showing up when placed in an plugin object FAB menu
  7. Fixed instability and crashes that occurred when moving items in the FAB menu prefs onto a submenu
  8. Fixed hits that occurred when using image only FAB items in the plugin object menu
  9. The "Delete" button in the user cert prefs now works
  10. Default application/x-x509-user-cert MIME type now set to internal instead of save
  11. Fixed hits/crash that could happen loading the FAB menu prefs
  12. Added balance bar to action chooser groups in the prefs, to allow resizing for when elements are too small
  13. Added an option to disable the graphical status icons
  14. Fixed potential crash that could occur when manually loading a settings file that has no macro menu entries
  15. The Custom image is now shown when adding a custom button, rather than the Spacer image
  16. Changed "Show location toolbar" to "Show URL toolbar", and "Show status bar" to "Show status toolbar" to keep it consistant with the prefs entries
  17. When cmanager.library is not available, the option to Use Contact Manager is now disabled
  18. Added a new option to emphasize JavaScript Alert() requesters by linking it to a DisplayBeep()
  19. Fixed default FAB prefs + added a Page submenu to the Image menu
  20. Only show used external MUI Custom Classes in the MUI 3.9+ Prefs
  21. Changed "Show server errors" prefs setting to "Ignore server error pages"
  22. Don't add space after the %s placeholder in the search bar prefs
  23. Search Bar prefs entries can now be drag sorted
  24. Added new options to the URL Toolbar prefs to toggle the display of the Add/View Bookmarks buttons
  25. Added new page to the prefs for the URL Toolbar
  26. Prefs now uses PROGDIR:images/Custom for the custom image in the toolbar prefs
  27. 3DES encryption is now enabled by default, along with AES encryption, whilst DH key exchange is now disabled by default since this would found to be the real reason behind slow SSL connections on 68k processors
  28. Split cipher key exchange and authentication items in the prefs, allowing RSA authentication to be disabled seperately from RSA key exchange
  29. Added setting to allow <embed> support to be disabled
  30. Removed the disabling when default new method is set to window - the background loading still effects the drag and drop so should still be settable irrespective of the new method
  31. Fixed problems when using range in the fonts prefs.
  32. .readme is now a valid text extension allowing local files to be displayed in the default config
  33. Remaining internal MIME Types are no longer semi-deleteable
  34. Modified the action selector so that the fields are cleared when it is set to disabled
  35. Saving settings after attempting to load non-existant settings now uses the original filename instead of the non-existant one
  36. Altering the disk cache directory in prefs now takes immediate effect rather than requiring a restart
  37. Opening a non existing prefs file will make IBrowse complain
  38. Made distance and spacer objects in toolbar prefs visible
  39. Added an option to set the toolbar button border
  40. MIME settings retouched and corrected
  41. Disabled "Show new Hotlist Manager entries in menu" when "Use Contact Manager for bookmarks" is enabled
  42. Switched the order of the default behaviour options in the prefs, and disabled the default browser settings when default new is set to Window
  43. Fixed download manager section in the prefs, where none of the options could actually be changed
  44. Allow use of a single '?' as an AmigaDOS wildcard in URL prefs entries
  45. Increased cipher name maximum size to allow the EXP1024-DHE-DSS-DES-CBC-SHA cipher to display correctly
  46. Linked the Delete button in CA Certs to the Safe Requester setting, so that a confirmation is required when Safe Requesters are enabled. Note: Usercert deletion is not currently implemented (!)
  47. Fixed a bug when deleting CA Certs that have been disabled/enabled before OK had been clicked in the prefs
  48. Increased URL length limit for toolbar, fastlink, macro and FAB menu actions
  49. Use context pointers in prefs now works
  50. Switched "Frames support" and "Spoof as Mozilla" options in the URLPrefs. Renamed "Spoof as Mozilla" to "Spoof as" and changed the checkmark to a cycle gadget with provision for multiple spoof options
  51. Moved Download Manager options into their own page in the prefs
  52. Moved JS options into their own page in the prefs
  53. Adjusted the layout of the toolbar prefs buttons, so that the buttons are all equally sized
  54. Tidied up the layout of the toolbar prefs, adding suitable group titles
  55. Changed the layout of Prefs -> General to make the layout more logical
  56. Changed the layout of the radio gadgets for the default behaviours, and moved them to the GUI page
  57. Added "View link in new inactive browser" FAB menu option
  58. Strip the port number from the auto-proxy host parameter
  59. Fixed broken handling of URLPrefs entries that contain only one wildcard, #?, when that wildcard isn't at the end of entry
  60. PopFont image is used for the font requester for MUI 3.9+
  61. Def save dir requester changed to directories only
  62. Changed imagery for file/directory request gadgets to the correct MUI image
  63. The "Use" Def. save dir option is no longer overridden by the "Download files automatically" option, so now it'll always cause a file requester to be shown
  64. Fixed the loading of the printer prefs file, where the print images and colour printing options got swapped around
  65. Fixed the locale button for the "Accept language" prefs option to handle OS4 locale names, and added bosnian, croation, finnish, hungarian, russian, serbian and slovenian
  66. The "Use MiamiSSL" setting is now disabled by default
  67. Added Amigaworld.net and amiga-news.de default fastlinks, and changed Aminet URL
  68. Changed "Cache secure webpages" to "Cache secure pages" to better reflect its function.
  69. Fixed bug which could cause a crash when opening the settings window
  70. Fixed "Cache secure pages" and "Cache secure images" prefs options - functionality was reversed

  1. Don't show a second consecutive master password requester when submitting a form when there's already a password entry for the site
  2. Don't allow multiple password manager windows
  3. Fixed master password requester not always opening on pages that insert lots of HTML via JavaScript
  4. Tweaked the master password requester to only pop up once during loading of a page, and to not be shown when matching form fields are not present (e.g. login cookie present)
  5. GUI images no longer require palette entry 0 to be the transparent colour
  6. The Cookie Manager now uses the default NList front pen for list text, instead of the MUI text pen
  7. Fixed status icons for browsers with no page loaded
  8. Added a FAB menu for plugin/embedded objects
  9. Fixed "View frame separately" from not showing up when placed in an image FAB menu
  10. Show a progress window when submitting a form containing <keygen>
  11. Optimised status bar rendering, preventing unnecessary redraws which caused flicker, and slowed page loading to a crawl on sites frequently running JavaScripts
  12. Altered the reload strings for the tab FAB menu, so that they are consistant with the other entries
  13. Altered the pen colours on the context pointers so that they are white with a black border under OS3.x
  14. Tweaked item order in the browser tab FAB menu
  15. When a page is loading in an inactive browser, ensure the scrollbar is reset to the top/left
  16. Don't draw a button background when using borderless toolbar buttons
  17. Tweaked context pointers, which should now retain the correct aspect, and match the resolution of the system pointer
  18. Added protocol FAB menu to the Location gadget
  19. Added a "Close other browsers" entry to the browser tab FAB menu, which will close all but the one the FAB is opened on
  20. Added "Add..." entry to the SearchBar cycle gadget
  21. Added beta build version to about: page
  22. Fixed garbage from being shown after the last line of text in the TEF
  23. Added new status images for JS Activity and Spoofing
  24. Status bar has been overhauled to show graphical status icons for various items: Data Source, Spoofing, JS Activity, SSL, PopUpBlocker
  25. HTTP and JavaScript User-Agent strings are now displayed on the about: page
  26. Added the registration name to the about: page. Note: iospirit-logo.png needs to be added to PROGDIR:info/
  27. Text in the search bar string gadget is now auto selected when you click in the gadget
  28. Increased the maximum number of characters for the SearchBar button to 14
  29. Search is added as the default text when adding a new entry to the Search Bar
  30. Fixed returning to a browser that was opened inactive, when closing browsers
  31. Don't show a busy pointer while initiating automatic downloads
  32. Embedded object placeholders now use the parent background and are drawn with a recessed border (like image placeholders)
  33. Tweaked active object handling to not deactivate and reactivate unnecessarily
  34. Fixed triggering of GUI dragging when clicking Search Bar on MUI 3.8
  35. Created a new Search Bar and added the prefs options
  36. Clear the JavaScript timeout status message before the timeout requester is shown
  37. Fixed size of error placeholders for image elements specified with either the width or height attribute missing
  38. If FAB menu is opened on an already active link, correctly update the text colour after the menu is closed
  39. Cookie manager now offers multi-selection of entries
  40. Tweaked HTML text highlighting handling to not unnecessarily redraw text where possible
  41. Matching entries in the URL poplist were never selected as active, even when a valid match was found
  42. Tweaked the timing of highlighting of inactive browser tabs, when the page has loaded, to be more accurate
  43. Minimized flicker when adding new plugin objects.
  44. On OS4 map attempts to use various ISO encodings to the Windows character set equivalents
  45. Made it possible to deselect options in <select> elements
  46. Added workaround for MUI 3.8 bug where using the menus while they were being modified (e.g. window and history menus while loading a page)
  47. Fixed lack of refresh problem for simple refresh windows during JavaScript initiated GUI operations during page loading
  48. The highlighting of inactive browser tabs when the page has loaded no longer gets triggered prematurely
  49. The ASL requester used in the "Specify action for" window now has a more appropriate title and uses save mode
  50. Dragging links caused the URL to be truncated to 512 characters - now 8192 to match the other areas of IBrowse
  51. The SECURE status bar indicator now show the number of secret bits used by the connection
  52. Don't automatically advance to the next MUI object in the tab cycle chain when pressing enter in a text element which is the last element in a form
  53. When loading a URL with an anchor part in an inactive browser, the page nows jumps to the correct position in the page when activating the browser
  54. Changed error placeholders for embedded objects where a plugin is inactive to plain placeholders
  55. Changed the menu item names for the plugins preference menu, and now plugins are made inactive rather than disabling embed
  56. All Drag n Drop graphics (not the GUI elements) are attached to the mid-point of the graphic, rather than some being in the bottom-middle and some bottom-right
  57. Fixed possibly incorrect context pointer while over an embedded object that resulted in an error
  58. New cookies added during a session are now highlighted in the cookie manager, with all columns highlighted, and for existing cookies that get modified, just the cookie value is highlighted
  59. The order of cookies in the cookie manager now reflects the order of the internal cookie list more closely
  60. Context pointers are reset when the window is deactivated
  61. The correct placeholder is now shown when no plugin is available for an embedded object, when the file was in the disk cache
  62. Clear status bar indicator when activating an empty browser
  63. Tidied up the menus to add ellipse where necessary
  64. Added image placeholder for plugins. NB the file Picture has to be updated for this to work correctly
  65. Added plugins item to the preferences menu, allowing temporary enabling/disabling of the plugin support
  66. Don't open shutdown window when trying to exit while downloading with the download manager closed
  67. In some cases, a browser menu could appear although there was no browser.
  68. Added Clear and Reset to the TEF
  69. Copy does now work in textfields
  70. Added context mouse pointer support to the plugin API
  71. Fixed the FAB in TEFs
  72. Modified Browser FAB for the empty area
  73. Added "Expire links" entry to the Navigation menu, and linked the function to the Safe Requester option so a suitable confirmation requester is shown
  74. Added requester when a second browser is trying to open in the demo version.
  75. Added "New browser" to the browser FAB menu
  76. Added an About plugins menu option to the project menu.
  77. Fixed the background tab loading implementation which was previously incomplete
  78. Removed reload button on about:plugins page
  79. Fixed a bug in the shutdown window progress bar, where the cleaning cache message could be trashed during display
  80. Ctrl+clicking on a link will now open the page in a new browser or window, depending on the default behaviour in the prefs
  81. Fixed incorrect size display in download manager for files larger than 1Gb
  82. Loading and decoding placeholders now shown for non-incrementally displayed images (loaded via datatypes / progressive JPEG option off)
  83. Fixed a couple of bugs regarding the context pointers when opening, closing or activating browsers using keyboard shortcuts
  84. Suppressed rendering of MUI background behind the HTML display area, resulting in cleaner, faster refresh when switching between tabs, resizing the window, etc
  85. Removed unnecessary display refresh when opening and closing inactive browsers
  86. No longer pre-select the first entry for a <select size=n> gadget
  87. Fixed mistaken display/detection of links (and context pointer changes) when mouse moved outside window
  88. Changed resolution setting for context pointers to hopefully match better on all displays
  89. Added a SPOOF status indicator for pages loaded with spoofing on
  90. Added spoofing option to the preferences menu
  91. Modified the ProgressInfo window to use a progress bar when IB is shutting down. Additionally changed it slightly to display the progress when printing multiple pages in the progress bar itself, rather than above it as it was previously
  92. Added the IBrowse logo to the startup window
  93. Added a progress bar to the startup window
  94. Added new pointers for frames. Moving over the frame will change the pointer to resize arrows, and dragging them will show the dragging hand pointer
  95. Implemented preliminary context pointers. Moving the mouse over links will change the pointer to a hand, and clicking the link will animate the finger clicking
  96. Added Authentication Status column to Password Manager
  97. Show title attribute of links in bubble help
  98. Display title attribute of images in bubble help, instead of the alt attribute, when possible
  99. Added primary background tab loading
  100. Tweaked anti-aliased font detection to work with MorphOS too, when rendering hyperlinks
  101. Tweaked GUI refresh when loading settings and during JS execution
  102. Fixed lack of simple window refresh when using the settings file requesters
  103. Update open cookie window when cookies are removed by a site
  104. Added progress status for JavaScript execution (shown only when execution time exceeds 1 second)
  105. <select> elements using listviews now have their width set to the longest entry in the list
  106. Added menu shortcut to Project/Closer browser menu option
  107. Added menu shortcut to Preferences/Settings... menu option

  1. Fixed images loaded via data, file, ftp or gopher protocols to not always instantly expire from the image cache
  2. Fixed PNG images with transparency not being decoded correctly to 8-bit displays when dithering is enabled
  3. Updated png decoder to libpng-1.2.13
  4. Fixed hits and references to free memory which could occur when moving the mouse over imagemaps or form images
  5. Fixed memory leak during failed loading of jpeg images
  6. Fixed HTTP-compressed image files not be decoded internally
  7. Fixed XBM decoder to not assume image data starts on a new line
  8. For external image decoders, use any alpha channel data supplied by picture.datatype, like the internal decoders do
  9. Updated png.codec zlib to version 1.2.3
  10. Fixed GIF anims with mixed transparency where all frames after a transparent frame were incorrectly considered transparent
  11. Implemented support for the "restore previous" GIF anim disposal method
  12. Fixed loss of transparency for images scaled by picture.datatype
  13. Fixed handling of GIF anims where frame offsets are out of range, which was generating hits and stopping the anim from playing
  14. Fixed background image rendering problem which occurred on AGA/ECS with "Use fastmem for images" on
  15. Fixed animations not playing when cached in memory and shown separately
  16. Handle transparency in (table) background images
  17. Ignore disposal method of last GIF anim frame, and always redraw the background when looping back to the first frame
  18. Fixed imcomplete rendering of first GIF anim frame, where the frame is smaller than the image size, and increased minimum allowable frame delay
  19. Due to previous fixes in the GIF decoder, the 8-bit dithering decoder got broken, resulting in problems such as bad transparency handling - fixed
  20. Reworked and fixed the frame clipping of resized GIF anims, which was causing some very nasty memory trashing before
  21. Enhanced range checking when downscaling GIF anims, which no longer results in individual frames not being downscaled enough to fit their position, which lead to memory trashing and crashes
  22. Instead of showing an error, incomplete GIF anims are now shown up until the premature end of file
  23. Fixed crashes caused by scaling GIF anims down to very tiny sizes (1 pixel height and/or 1 pixel wide)

  1. Further fix for the cache explorer preventing empty domains from being displayed
  2. Cache explorer no longer shows temporary entries for currently downloading files, which caused hits when clicked
  3. Fixed local images from being loaded twice if the path/name contained a space, when viewed separately
  4. Delete temp files used for external mailto actions
  5. Ensure temporary T:Command#? files get deleted
  6. Fixed crash that occurred when changing the cache dir setting while a page is still loading
  7. Modified image cache behaviour further again cache images with no Last-Modified date, whilst the expiry time is not reached as specified by the HTTP cache-control or expires headers
  8. Fixed JS file caching where aborted network requests would result in an incomplete script being cached
  9. Suppress DOS "insert volume" requesters on file:// URLs referencing a non-existant volume
  10. Disk cache entries now dated with their Last-Modified date if there is one, instead of the request date
  11. Fixed disk cache problems involving URLs that return content on first load, but issue a HTTP redirect on subsequent requests
  12. Changed all asynchronous i/o code to use dos/SendPkt instead of exec/PutMsg
  13. Maximum filename length is no longer hardcoded at 30, and is automagically detected, allowing the no req option in the mimetype prefs to work when the name is > 30 chars when supported by the partition/filesystem involved
  14. Fixed recent changes in the cache code which was preventing locks on cache dirs from being released after use
  15. Switching the disk cache off now really does disable the disk cache completely, and cleared up some confusion in the prefs
  16. Fixed a missing SAVEDS in io/action.c
  17. Speeded up loading of the download log file, which should now slow down linearly when the size increases, instead of exponentially
  18. The file: protocol doesn't trash memory anymore when listing a directory containing a filename longer than 90 characters
  19. Fixed bug in disk cache which caused files to be mistakenly erased when updating an existing cache entry
  20. Tweaked the fix to handle volume names that contain space characters
  21. The root for relative links in local files has been changed from file://localhost/ to file://localhost/device:
  22. Fixed loading of images from index.html for file:// URLs pointing to a directory, without a trailing '/'

  1. Fixed tables with transparent backgrounds not always being refreshed appropriately
  2. Allow <font> markup inside <pre> elements
  3. Fix to avoid crashes with weird tables
  4. Fixed bug in <select> parser which could cause options to be corrupted
  5. Fixed align=right problem which caused the left side of images and tables wider than the window to be truncated
  6. Added 2048 bit support for <keygen>
  7. Improved layout of relative width embedded and iframe objects
  8. Fixed stripping of HTML inside <button> elements where any end tag would end the element
  9. Added support for the autocomplete <input> attribute
  10. Fixed stripping of HTML inside <option> elements which would truncate option text when an end tag was encountered
  11. More support for the lowsrc <img> attribute
  12. For documents containing more than one <body> tag, attributes can no longer be overwritten if already given previously
  13. Handle multiple differing table cell widths in a column
  14. Fixed an instance where loading URL with an anchor part in an active browser did not always jump to the correct position
  15. Added support for the NS marginwidth/marginheight and IE leftmargin/rightmargin/topmargin/bottommargin <body> attributes
  16. Fixed handling of rowspan/colspan where the resulting values intersect
  17. Tweaked handling of floating images in tables
  18. Floating images positioned at the start of a list item no longer cause the list item to be misaligned
  19. Minimum table cell width calculation now properly includes the indentation size of lists, whereas before list items could spill out of cell
  20. Fixed table cell width for when a form element or image is immediately followed by text and no whitespace, which could cause text to spill out of a cell
  21. Non-multiselect <select> elements with the size attribute set higher than 1 now honour the "selected" attribute of the associated <option> tags
  22. Changed a fix for a lockup bug in the table parser, which was breaking a previous layout fix
  23. Adjusted handling of anchor elements with no href attribute so they trigger JS events, but don't look/act like a link
  24. Added preliminary support for text/password readonly attribute
  25. Increased default maximum length for <input type=text> elements from 256 to 2048 characters
  26. Fixed highlighting of text in table cells with transparent backgrounds
  27. <a> elements must have a href attribute to become a link
  28. Fixed problem with form mailto post that includes subject
  29. Now supports the disabled attribute of form input elements
  30. Workaround for layoutbug in MUI. MUI has been fixed in the mean time aswell
  31. Fixed problem where the plugin of an embedded object in a table was initialized before the table had been layed out, resulting in the plugin being given 1x1 size (i.e. often invisible)
  32. Form elements contained inside links will cuase the link to be triggered when the form element is clicked
  33. Prevented embedded objects in inactive browsers reacting to input events from the active browser
  34. Added <noembed> support
  35. Removed spacing around <embed> objects
  36. Embedded objects now honour their bgcolor attribute
  37. The type attribute of an embedded object now overrides the server supplied mimetype, if valid
  38. Tweaked align=middle handling for images, to not add any space below the image
  39. Treat </br> the same as <br>
  40. For radio button groups defined with more than one button being checked, only the last one is now set that way
  41. Tweaked the conditions necessary to optimize background image rendering to consider the image area, and not just the individual dimensions (i.e. more efficient handling of images that are huge in one dimension, but tiny in another - e.g. 11x24000)
  42. Fixed unnecessary duplication of large background image bitmaps, which was resulting in very heavy cpu usage when redrawing parts of the background, especially on AGA/ECS
  43. Ignore background images comprising soley of a single transparent pixel, as often used by sites, which saves on rendering time
  44. Fixed the table parser which could find itself stuck busy looping when the HTML source ended with <
  45. Modified handling of rowspan=0 in tables
  46. Fixed non display of pages when "Wait for images" is enabled and the loading of an image is aborted
  47. Strip crlf characters from image alt and title attributes
  48. The "Show server errors" option now only applies to the displayed root document, and not inline images, external scripts, the download manager, etc
  49. Ignore meta-refresh content with no specified time
  50. Added IE "square" alias for imagemap shapes
  51. Tweaked the handling of out of cell table content to honour text colour and font changes
  52. Reworked the modified table parser from the previous release, since it broke scripts that ran inside tables, causing hits, etc
  53. Fixed broken table alignment in the updated table parser
  54. Added workaround for incorrect coordinate order in image maps
  55. Out of cell table content is now rendered again (above the table)
  56. File upload form inputs now respond to a reset
  57. FTP links are no longer parsed, and will be shown in italics in the displayed hyperlink instead
  58. <button> now defaults to a submit button when an invalid type is given
  59. Fixed meta-refresh parser to handle a missing semi-colon after the delay value
  60. Ignore duplicate HTML element attributes
  61. Improved missing </select> end tag recovery and handling of the </option> end tag
  62. <keygen> now works without specifying the challenge attribute and key sizes are now shown in descending order
  63. Fixed incorrect minimum table cell width calculation which could cause text to overflow a cell if any text styling was used
  64. Handle UTF-8 byte-order marker
  65. Relative URL references in external JavaScript files are now interpreted relative to the script URL, not the page URL
  66. Fixed incorrect calculation for tables that have no specified width and %-width cells, which could cause tables to be too narrow
  67. Completely ignore any <form> elements nested inside a <form> element
  68. Fixed various vertical spacing layout issues (missing and extraneous blank lines) concerning elements such as <pre>, <address>, <h1...5>, <hr>, <ul>, <ol> and <table>
  69. <pre>, <h1...5>, <hr>, <dl>, <ul> and <ol> now reset any current paragraph alignment to the current default alignment
  70. Stray <li> elements now rendered with a bullet point rather than being ignored
  71. No longer insert a blank line at the start of a list item when the content begins with a <div>, <center>, <table> or <p> element
  72. Fixed messed up layout of <ul> and <ol> lists in non-left aligned sections
  73. Fixed layout problem where the last item of a nested <ul>, <ol> or <dl> list was indented incorrectly
  74. Changed handling of content inside a table but outside td/th cells (i.e. broken HTML) to be more consistent with IE/Moz
  75. <input type=image> elements no longer default to having a border
  76. Fixed a case where <input type=image> elements could have a following forced line break
  77. Added support for <del> and <ins>
  78. <a href="#link"> links will now jump to anchors with a matching ID attribute, in addition the name attribute
  79. Links using an unknown target name now open in a new window
  80. In table cells, if a height attribute was given, vertical alignment would always change to "top" - fixed
  81. Skip whitespace in meta refresh "URL = http://..."
  82. Added preliminary support for <button> (plain text only for now)
  83. Unicode &#nnnn; references are now mapped back to windows-1252 if possible
  84. Added preliminary support for pages using UTF-8 encoding, mapping back to windows-1252 for now
  85. <script> sections specifying a type attribute are now ignored if the type is anything other than text/javascript
  86. Handle XHTML minimized empty tag syntax where the tag has no content at all (e.g. <br/>)
  87. Fixed handling of <font face=...> tags, where more than one font is listed
  88. No longer terminate posted form data with a CRLF pair, which was an old NS4 trick, no longer used by newer browsers and causes problems with some sites
  89. Added experimental support for OS4's new font/charset system - pages specifying a charset supported by OS4 will now be displayed using the correct characters, assuming you have set IBrowse up to use non-bitmap fonts
  90. When pressing Enter in form's string element, the form is now always submitted if it's the only string element, even if there are more than one submit button (e.g. www.google.com)
  91. Reworked imagemap handling to closely mimic Mozilla/IE, whilst removing hits that could occur with server-side imagemaps
  92. Added support for hexadecimal character references (e.g. &#xe5;)
  93. Fixed background colour rendering problems with very long tables which could trash the display in the worst cases
  94. Fixed form data output for forms with unnamed image submit buttons when the form is not actually submitted via that button
  95. Added support for &apos; XML entity

  1. Fixed a potential memory trash bug when loading non cached images
  2. Fixed buffer overflow bug in ftp module
  3. Added workaround for sites that send a broken Content-Length header for HTTP compressed files
  4. Fixed aborted HTTP requests not always returning the correct error code, which could cause hung IBrowseNetwork tasks which are piggybacking onto another request
  5. The HTTP Location header now takes precedence over the Uri header when both are specified
  6. Only use the first meta content-type character set declaration when more than one are present
  7. When loading external scripts, the buffer is pre-allocated where possible, instead of growing in 2K increments
  8. Cookies set via HTTP redirection default to using the current URL and not the new URL
  9. Fixed a case where error codes could get lost when loading of non-cacheable files fails
  10. Fixed crash that could happen when "Abort connections when clicking links" is enabled and a page starts loading before subtasks have exited
  11. Fixed mimetypes "Transfer URL" option from downloading the file to the cache before transferring the URL
  12. Fixed further issues with malformed HTTP headers
  13. Added support for the HTTP 303 responses
  14. Added support for the IE HttpOnly cookie attribute
  15. The secure cookie attribute is now honoured
  16. Use memory cached external JS files where possible, rather than always initiating network requests
  17. Fixed referrer never being sent when submitting forms
  18. Added HTTP ETag support
  19. Sending of HTTP referer header can now be disabled
  20. Only allow http, https, ftp and gopher URIs to be specified as page referrers, with further restrictions for https
  21. Implemented handling of the "data" URL scheme
  22. Fixed race conditions with piggyback loaders. This should cure lots of weird network crashes
  23. Fixed key generation, user certificate requests, browsing to objects of type application/x509-user-cert and exporting user certificates which got broken when we switched to AmiSSL v3
  24. Fixed SSL connection failures when the user certificate requester did not yield a valid certificate, and also some underlying bugs which were never seen due to the initial bug
  25. When MD5 was disabled in the cipher prefs, it wasn't actually being disabled during SSL connections - fixed
  26. When using AmiSSL, if is secure connection fails and all the ciphers are not enabled in the prefs, automatically retry connecting with all ciphers enabled
  27. Was impossible to download .Z files in the previous beta - fixed
  28. Added HTTP decompression support for gzip and deflate encodings, which can be switched off in the prefs
  29. The download manager will now automatically attempt to resume a dowload that fails, by default, where appropriate
  30. Added workaround to simulate IE's broken Set-Cookie header parsing
  31. Changed the cookie send order so that those with a more specific matching path are sent first
  32. Fixed AllocVecPooled/FreePooled mismatch that occurred when uploading files
  33. Made internal mailto X-Mailer header consistent with useragent string
  34. Mimetypes in the prefs corresponding to plugins now override the plugin supplied mimetypes (now extensions added to e.g. text/html work again)
  35. Tweaked FTP dir parsing to handle datestamps that have a year instead of time
  36. Fixed incompatibilities with new MTCP lib
  37. Added support for the HTTP/1.1 307 redirection code
  38. Fixed hopefully the last bug in the embedded object file loader, which has solved a nasty crash bug this time
  39. Fixed the Transfer URL media handler.
  40. Fixed the embedded object loader properly, removing the broken fix introduced in 24.12 which caused crashes
  41. Fixed code responsible for loading data for embedded objects, which could quite often abort prematurely depending on how quickly the first chunk of data became available, causing plugin to fail
  42. Don't prompt for authentication if required headers are not present
  43. Resuming of downloads now works with URLs requiring authentication
  44. Tweaked available spoof options and user agent strings, with the default setting now being similar to IBrowse 2.3
  45. Optionally (and by default) display the document not found error page returned by a server, instead of IBrowse's own error message in requester or HTML display
  46. Fixed the auto-proxy isInNet() function
  47. Form submission constructed bad URL when the action attribute was blank and current URL had a query part already
  48. Reworked FTP networking code to not split command strings when sending then, where possible, which should improve connections with some servers
  49. Cookies no longer rejected if path match fails
  50. Fixed a nasty bug that could lead to crashes if requests were interrupted at the wrong moment
  51. Cookies will now be rejected if certain conditions fail - domain attribute does not "match" serving host, for example
  52. Cookies set using a domain of the form .y.com will now be served to y.com, in addition to x.y.com
  53. Whitespace trailing cookie values in Set-Cookie string is now stripped (this often caused problems with cookies incorrectly getting set with a path of "/ ")
  54. Character set information is now stored from the HTTP headers and/or meta tags in the HTML
  55. Handling of query URLs directly following the hostname (e.g. http://www.test.com?blah) has now been fixed to work correctly in all areas
  56. '@' char now escaped when sending form data
  57. Before the fix for bug 0861, it was possible for a cookie to be set with a blank domain - added extra integrity check to make sure this can never happen
  58. Ignore trailing whitespace in HTTP headers
  59. Fixed some problems with handling very short HTTP 0.9 responses, which could cause crashes before
  60. Fixed unnecessary deletion of cookies during a session
  61. Use cr/lf to terminate FTP commands, instead of just lf
  62. Detect invalid absolute URLs in HTTP Location header field and return an error instead of trying to load (e.g. "http://")
  63. Fixed various ftp loading problems

  1. Misc master password fixes to avoid displaying the passwords when not authorized to do so
  2. Master password can now be set multiple times during a session
  3. Fixed a potential security hole with repeated chars as master password
  4. Fixed image icons in the images dir not being freed after reading
  5. Fixed misc trouble when changing the master pass word
  6. Fixed form passwords not being saved (only cached) when no master password set
  7. Fixed reads from freed memory that could occur when flushing table background images
  8. Fixed enforcer hit when copying cookie entry to clipboard
  9. Fixed password manager from locking tasks after a request for the master password was cancelled
  10. Fixed some more Remove() references for OS4 debug kernel
  11. Updated the names for the ATO contributors
  12. Added encryption to password database
  13. Fixed a couple of typos in the about: page
  14. Fixed hits and references to free memory which could occur when moving the mouse over imagemaps or form images
  15. Fixed a crash that could happen when exiting via commodities exchange
  16. Fixed hits that could happen when navigating with back/forward, etc, to images viewed separately
  17. Fixed problems importing some PKCS12 files into the user certs prefs, due to some encryption algorithms which had not been enabled in AmiSSL
  18. Added netscape certificate chain support for downloading/installing user certificates
  19. Fixed the text sniffer problems with local files
  20. Updated spoof options adding IE7.0, FF1.5, FF2.0, and bumped the Mozilla option to 1.7.13
  21. Further tweaks and optimisations to the background image rendering code, decreasing minimum memory usage
  22. Do not automatically attempt to display non-text files identified by the server as MIME type text/plain
  23. Added workaround for OS4 debug kernel
  24. Abort loading of external scripts if they start with a HTML tag
  25. Pasting text or typing into a TEF now replaces any text that is highlighted
  26. Fixed crash that could happen when closing a page before it had finished loading with plugins deactivated
  27. Fixed TextEditField memory leak when pasting text and updating undo text
  28. Fixed memory leak affecting all authenticated HTTP(S) connections
  29. Ignore form items with an empty name when submitting
  30. Convert all hostnames in URLs to lowercase
  31. Fixed splash window from stealing pens required to render webpage colours on <= 8-bit displays
  32. Improved image loading when window is iconified during startup
  33. Made IBrowse alot more robust when running javascripts iconified
  34. Fixed possible null memory references by the JS memory cache scanner
  35. Bitstream AA fonts are used by default for the OS4 OEM build
  36. Moved Aminet from the Fastlinks to the default SearchBar
  37. OS4Depot is added to the default SearchBar for the OS4 OEM build
  38. Localised URL Toolbar prefs
  39. Removed debug from Search Bar prefs, and Search Bar
  40. Fixed problems incorrectly munging ".." and "." in URLs
  41. Times of remote files in the overwrite/resume requester are now adjusted to account for the current locale time offset
  42. Fixed ftp and gopher modules from using CopyMem to perform overlapping copies
  43. Fixed trailing spaces not being stripped from absolute URLs
  44. Fixed buffer overflow that happened on about: pages
  45. Reinstated the active object workaround, since crashes could still happen freeing a page with an active object
  46. Fixed "about:" URLs not showing in location gadget
  47. Tweaked the way IBrowse runs dos scripts (e.g. the temporary files used by external viewers set in the MIME type prefs)
  48. TEF now uses appropriate filename extension for temporary files used when using an external editor
  49. Added form password saving and completion
  50. Ensure trailing whitespace is stripped from URLs in all cases
  51. Unescape address in mailto: URLs
  52. Fixed javascript: URL usage in form actions
  53. Updated the about: page
  54. Disabled html/image handling for <embed>, by default
  55. Never add a trailing '/' to javascript: URLs
  56. Images with no Last-Modified date that are present in the memory cache will now be reloaded if referenced during a new page request
  57. Fixed crash when dragging URL to inactive browser tab
  58. Don't show javascript: URLs in location when there's no result page
  59. Removed the MUI 3.8 workaround for BUGID 0866 since due to another MUI 3.8 bug the FAB menus stopped working properly
  60. javascript: URLs can now be used in most places in HTML documents - not just links
  61. Allow unescaped colons in relative URLs
  62. Strip any username/password segment from referrer URIs
  63. Revised the tweaked for the kludge for IE's default object property lookup handling so that it doesn't find elements in forms
  64. Added a much more accurate cps and download finished calculator for the download window
  65. Made the download window less sensitive to changes to the system clock
  66. Added support for PgDn, PgUp, Home and End keys on OS4
  67. Updated copyrights to 2006 (yes we were working New Years Eve!)
  68. Fixed lockup problems with plugins and older layers library
  69. On unloading framed pages, the frameset is now freed first, and then the individual frames
  70. Reworked font cache to handle OS4's font character set system better, resolving problems when switching tabs where the pages are using different character sets
  71. No longer use an active object workaround when MUI 3.9 or above is in use, which in turn resolves some issues with active objects, including being unnecessarily brought into view when opening a link in an inactive browser
  72. Fixed hits when iconifying window during loading
  73. Optimized user cert req to appear only once for each site where the user presses cancel
  74. Added support for back/forward via mouse button 4 and 5. This requires OS4 and gameport.device 51.4 or later
  75. Added workaround for non-integer imagemap pixel coordinates
  76. Error message now shown when attempting to load a URL with an unsupported protocol, when the disk cache is switched off
  77. When attempting to view a URL in the window that requires an unavailable plugin, the "Specify action for" requester is displayed first, instead of an error message
  78. Unescape javascript: URLs when the script is started from fastlinks, macros, bookmarks, etc
  79. Fixed crash that could occur on pages that change the margins and contain form elements close to the top of the page
  80. Suppress compression error message for unknown / illegal Content-Encoding values and display content as-is
  81. Fixed crash due the network object for an embedded object being freed while the object was still displayed on an open page
  82. Fixed bug in the decompression code that could cause a crash if loading was aborted after reading of the HTTP headers
  83. Display an error message when trying to download a file where the filename is too long instead of the looping file requester
  84. When setup to use CManager, if the CManager executable is not found, a suitable error message is now displayed. Also, if cmanager.library could not be opened, the hotlist manager will be opened after the error message appears
  85. Leading and trailing whitespace is now stripped from embedded object URLs
  86. When trying to load a URL separately which has an invalid protocol, don't automatically prepend with "http://"
  87. Fixed another instance of info window enforcer hits that occurred when moving the mouse over a <li> bullet
  88. When all entries are removed from a FAB menu, no longer attempt to open the menu in context, which did open a menu with just the title in MUI 3.9, but in MUI 3.8 memory could get trashed
  89. The default selected item of a non-multiselect <select> element, with the size attribute set higher than 1, can now be de-selected
  90. Updated the copyright dates for NList/NListview and MUI, and updated the URLs to the NList sites on the about page
  91. When loading a URL that is already the currently displayed URL, don't add a duplicate history entry each time
  92. Fixed cursor key shortcuts for dropdown cycle gadgets
  93. Fixed hits that happened when trying to use the "Download as MIME" FAB menu item on an image, and not a link
  94. Localised the plugin status values
  95. Fixed memory trashing that occurred if the cache directory was not found on startup, and if the directory is then created on request, that directory is then used instead of PROGDIR:
  96. Plugin mime types now shown in "download as" and file upload FAB menus
  97. Added workaround for broken cycle <select> element keyboard shortcuts under MUI 3.8
  98. Enabled type detection of FTP files, allowing images and text files to be displayed in the window, just like HTTP
  99. Warning requester is shown when flushing the cache if the Safe Requester option is enabled in the prefs
  100. Plugin MIME types added to the "Specify action for..." window.
  101. Added localization to the TEF
  102. CacheClearU calls replaced with CacheClearE calls where appropriate, which should be much more efficient especially on large-cached PPCs
  103. Fixed crash that occurred when freeing a page containing an embedded object assigned the internal plugin
  104. Fixed memory leak that occurred when navigating to pages/images cached in memory via the history/back/forward and the source editor reset and update buttons
  105. Fixed crash that occurred when failing to reopen the transfer animation file, after returning from iconified state
  106. Fixed memory leaks in the preferences module
  107. Fixed bogus error message that appeared when cancelling a download of a existing file via unknown MIME type requester
  108. The "Add bookmark" FAB menu item and ADDHOTLIST rexx command now use Contact Manager if enabled in prefs
  109. URLs dragged to the download manager are now expanded in the same way as the location gadget (aliases expanded, http:// or ftp:// auto-prepended, etc)
  110. Fixed memory leak - TransferAnim icon object was not freed
  111. Fixed a reference to already freed memory in the table parser
  112. "View background separately" and "Download background" FAB menu items now also work with table background images
  113. Fixed hits that could occur when resizing a frame before the pages have finished loading completely
  114. Added new string for "Ignore custom colors:" from "URLPrefs" to the catalog. The old string was used in two places, with slightly different formatting (ie. HTML, where a : isn't required)
  115. Added new string for "Frame support:" from "URLPrefs" to the catalog. The old string was used in two places, with slightly different formatting (ie. HTML, where a : isn't required)
  116. Updated the copyrights, dates and links on the about: page
  117. Localised strings in the Password Manager
  118. Corrected error message for when SSL support is disabled in prefs
  119. When posting forms, never use a cached version of the result page
  120. Fixed crashes that could occur when using the "Paste clipboard to URL" menu
  121. Fixed info window enforcer hits that occurred when moving the mouse over a <li> bullet
  122. Fixed version identification for the commodities information string
  123. Removed unnecessary confirmation requesters that appeared when the demo times out
  124. If the estimated download time for a file is 24 hours or greater, the finish date is shown in addition to the finish time
  125. Fixed hits that occurred when moving the mouse over an imagemap where the specified <map> was not present
  126. Fixed display of image URLs in the info window, when containing a '/' in the query part of the URL
  127. Replace tabs, and other whitespace characters in alert requesters with space characters
  128. Wordwrap alert(), confirm() and prompt() JS requesters
  129. URLs are now unescaped before being displayed in the status bar or info window
  130. Fixed bug in <textarea> parser that could cause a leading &lt; to not show up
  131. Fixed MorphOS version number recognition in the User-agent string
  132. Fixed an MUI escape sequence exploit concerning the non-editable source window
  133. Fixed memory leak concerning the closing of the source and CA cert import info windows
  134. Fixed enforcer hit that could occur after changing the editable source window option in the prefs, if the source window had been open at some stage
  135. User-agent string modified to show processor type and the MorphOS version when running on MorphOS
  136. Changed 'I' in Mozilla spoof string to 'U' (stronger encryption)
  137. Fixed bug in disk cache handling where loading redirected URLs could cause a disk cache file to not be deleted, due to the file not being closed
  138. Fixed hits that could occur after navigating to a frameset page with a <script> section, present in the memory cache
  139. After saving the printer prefs via the menu in the print options window IBrowse no longer asks if you want to save the settings on exit
  140. Fixed typo in beta demo requester
  141. Fixed a crash bug that could occur when using a native screenmode, when the "Use fastmem for images", "Wait for Background" and "Wait for Image" settings are all enabled
  142. The save button in the source edit window now works for local URLs pointing to a directory, and index.html has automatically been loaded
  143. With 'Wait for background' is enabled, pages would never be displayed when the specified background image failed to load (e.g. non-existant, user interruption)
  144. Fixed problems with the 'Wait for Image' feature which could prevent pages from being fully displayed when there are multiple image elements with no src attribute, or referencing the same image which fails to load
  145. Disk cache file structure modified to incorporate character set information - version bumped from 20.3 to 20.4
  146. Changed rendering of links when using anti-aliased fonts (OS4), to remove the anti-aliasing build-up when overwriting text
  147. Added a reference to the Troubleshooting > SSL section of the documentation, to the SSL error requester
  148. Fixed lockup that occurred when navigating framesets with the back/forward buttons when invalid HTML is used
  149. Fixed badly formatted version tags in the ibccs which were causing MUI to trash memory
  150. Fixed a hit which occurred when exiting IBrowse with a search window still open
  151. Increased maximum number of global cookies from 300 to 2000, and introduced a 200 per domain limit
  152. Fixed crash that occurred after exiting IBrowse while something is still downloading in the download manager, and trying to load IBrowse again before the download has completed
  153. Fixed a read into unallocated memory by the URL list constructor
  154. Fixed write to previously freed memory when flushing browser history
  155. Fixed out of range value passed to a text rendering routine which could cause a busy loop when a fixed width font was involved and/or slight layout problems in rare cases
  156. No longer immediately exits when using the MUI iconify on startup setting
  157. Fixed hits/crash that occurred after exiting while the download manager was busy and starting IBrowse again while it was still busy (also, no longer exits in this case)
  158. Added seperate strings for the browser tab FAB menus. Previously they used the same strings as the main menus, but this caused problems when the shortcut was added.
  159. Corrected a few spelling mistakes and typos in catalog
  160. Added new string for "Title" from "Specify title" window to catalog
  161. Added new string for "Specify title" window title to catalog
  162. Added new string for "Ciphers" preferences listview option to catalog
  163. Added new strings for the "ARexx", "Command" and "URL" Action options to the catalog
  164. Added new string for "Hotlist" project menu (and renamed to Project as per the other windows) to catalog
  165. Added new string for "Normal font" to catalog
  166. Added seperate string for Global History window title to catalog
  167. Added seperate string for URL Clipboard Manager window title to catalog
  168. Fixed a problem which could crash the ftp reader sometimes

  1. Fixed setTimeout and setInterval to not run JS functions invisibly, but show the normal status icon and countdown
  2. While in a try statement make property lookups on null or undefined values trigger an immediate error
  3. Fixed problems skipping to the colon in ?: expressions
  4. Fixed OS4 library startup code from crashing on init failure
  5. Fixed handling of return statements in try...catch statements
  6. Tweaked SiteCatalyst and jQuery blocking
  7. Added support for \u string escapes which are simply mapped to iso-8859-1, where possible, for now
  8. Failed variable assignments inside a try statement no longer overwrite the existing value of the variable
  9. Added an option which attempts to block commonly used script libraries that are known to be slow (currently SiteCatalyst and packed jQuery)
  10. Fixed problems parsing '[' chars in regexp character classes
  11. Implemented link.click() IE method
  12. Cleaned up OS4 library to use MakeInterface to create the 68k host interfacing api
  13. Fixed toString and valueOf methods from not working on the Array and String objects, due to the shorthand changes
  14. Don't allow toString and valueOf methods of host objects to be replaced
  15. Allow method properties of host objects to be changed
  16. Implemented JS1.6 array and string generic shorthands
  17. String methods can now be applied to any type of object (as long as the object can be converted to a string)
  18. Fixed Array methods not working when used on strings
  19. Implemented Array.indexOf, Array.lastIndexOf, Array.every, Array.filter, Array.forEach, Array.map and Array.some (JS1.6)
  20. OS4 version now uses timezone.library to obtain the UTC offset ensuring that daylight savings are handled correctly
  21. BUGID 1420: Fixed non-handling of NaN values when converting a script return value to an integer, which happened to work on 68k anyway, but not on PPC
  22. document.getElementsByTagName now supports links
  23. BUGID 1394: Fixed object lookup hits introduced in 3.16
  24. Fixed a fundamental flaw in the memory management code which could lead to crashes
  25. Fixed String.fromCharCode to handle 0 properly
  26. BUGID 1403: Fixed Array.concat which handled non-array object arguments incorrectly, generally resulting in a crash
  27. Fixed access to RegExp properties, which was causing delayed crashes, made reproducable by the new memory management code
  28. Fixed Math.random() which was broken in the MorphOS build
  29. Improved memory management - objects with cyclic references are now detected and disposed during a session, instead of these object remaining in memory until IBrowse exits
  30. Speed optimisations for property lookups in objects
  31. Fixed number to string conversion in PPC builds, which didn't always yield a correct result
  32. Fixed try...catch from catching out of memory errors and attempts to abort script execution
  33. BUGID 1359: Fixed loss of error codes during a var declaration
  34. Fixed a case where ?: expressions were not skipped
  35. Fixed the for...in statement where the loop would not always be aborted after a return or break statement
  36. The focus methods no longer do anything in inactive browsers, to prevent focus being stolen from the active browser
  37. window.frames.length now reflects the actual number of declared frames, and not the number allocated by the frameset
  38. Fixed object creation to use prototypes from correct context
  39. Fixed ANSI escape sequences used in JavaScript error log files
  40. Fixed hits/crash that could happen when running JS event handlers of submit and reset buttons
  41. Fixed window.open being able to load URLs in an open window, which is already pending closure via window.close
  42. Fix window.alert hits caused when an error occurred
  43. document.getElementById can now find links
  44. Added Array.splice JavaScript 1.2 backwards compatibility mode
  45. Fixed a crash when using the arguments object as an array
  46. Fixed String.split which could get stuck in a loop when splitting on spaces in JavaScript 1.2 mode
  47. Fixed reference to freed memory that could cause crashes when freeing interpreted functions
  48. Fixed Function.apply which would crash if second parameter was an array
  49. Added Mozilla sidebar.addSearchEngine support allowing search engines to be added to the search bar via mycroft.mozdev.org
  50. In expression execution mode, treat an unexpected return statement as an error and use existing eval() handling
  51. Any result from a javascript: URL will now be shown as a new document
  52. Attempts to convert host functions to a string now yield a correct result
  53. Added type detection for host references - host functions are now seen as functions instead of objects
  54. Tweaked the kludge for IE's default object property lookup handling to use document.getElementById instead
  55. If a JS timeout was triggered while leaving a page, it was possible that the input handler was removed twice - fixed
  56. Added document.getElementsByTagName, but only works for form, input and image elements for now
  57. Close gadget in prompt() windows now works
  58. Fixed navigator.mimeTypes to not get stuck in an infinite loop when one or more plugins are inactive
  59. Fixed parse error in function calls where the last parameter is followed by a comma and newline
  60. Altered priorities when scanning mimetype arrays
  61. Fixed bug in the image onLoad event handling which could cause references to freed memory, hits and/or crashes, when the page redirects to another via JS or otherwise
  62. The click method for radio and checkbox form elements now invokes the onClick event handler
  63. Added support for click method on text, password and file upload input elements
  64. Object instances no longer have a built-in prototype property
  65. Don't allow the prototype property of built-in object constructors to be modified
  66. Made disabled plugins fully invisible
  67. Added dummy navigator.plugins.refresh method
  68. Removed unnecessary conversion of equality operands that are objects, where possible
  69. The object created using a function constructor is now different if the function itself returns an object
  70. <input type=image> elements now handle 'this' properly when referenced via an event handler
  71. Added onMouseDown and onMouseUp support for links and images
  72. Plugin and mimetype arrays now filter out any deactivated plugins
  73. Added onChange, onFocus and onBlur support for <input type=file>
  74. Added onClick support for <select>
  75. Added onMouseOver and onMouseOut support for all form elements
  76. <textarea> now supports onChange, onFocus and onBlur
  77. Modified select.value write handling to match the latest browsers
  78. MimeType.description is now linked to the description of associated plugins, where applicable
  79. Fixed problems skipping function expression statements
  80. Fixed the for...in statement that wasn't working when used in a function where the variable name matched an argument
  81. Fixed some more issues with form elements focus and blur handlers not always being triggered
  82. String.substring and String.substr now work with no arguments
  83. Handle the comma operator in array indices
  84. Fixed rounding errors in decimal string to floating point number conversion, as used by parseFloat and elsewhere
  85. Number.toString can now perform non-base10 conversions
  86. Object.toString now handles regexp objects
  87. String.split nows works correctly with no parameters, and properly with a non-numeric limit parameter
  88. Treat strings containing a \x escape, but not enough following hexadecimal characters, literally
  89. Reworked internal handling of regexp literals, since the prototype member of these objects was not being set correctly
  90. String.replace could cause hits in lambda mode, since it isn't implemented yet, but it switched to that mode anyway
  91. Internal code cleanup, replacing standard library calls with our own internal ones where possible
  92. Fixed image.id
  93. Fixed JS event handlers for image links, which now get triggered when no href attribute was specified
  94. Reworked navigator.mimeTypes to include types set by plugins and activated mimeType.enabledPlugin
  95. Implemented Plugin object and navigator.plugins array
  96. Fixed navigator.appVersion for IE spoofing
  97. Events were not always triggered by form elements defined with more than one event handler
  98. Ignore empty langauge string in <script> element and execute as JS
  99. navigator.userAgent now correct for compatible spoofing
  100. Fixed parseInt handling of "0." which was returning NaN
  101. Fixed named function expression assignments
  102. Fixed a bug in the expression short-circuit evaluation code
  103. Overhauled navigator object, returning different values depending on the current spoofing setting
  104. Accessing image.complete can no longer cause enforcer hits if an error has occurred while loading the image
  105. Added dummy function for document.clear() - no longer causes errors
  106. Fixed up version string to work with DOpus
  107. Memory is no longer allocated for array entries not in use
  108. Fixed Array.sort's handling of entries that are not a number or string (undefined entries in particular)
  109. RegExp static property handling got broken recently - fixed
  110. Unescape javascript: URLs before running the associated script
  111. document.writeln now only adds a newline character after the final argument, instead of after every argument
  112. document.getElementById() can now find images
  113. Library now has a full id string, and at last the revision number is now bumped for each new update
  114. Fixed bug which could potentially result in a MemUse warning or trying to free a bogus pointer
  115. When removing a selected entry from a <select> listview, the following entry is no longer selected in its place
  116. Fixed enforcer hit caused when reading the name property or an <area> element
  117. Fixed memory trashing bug that occurred when setting components of a URL
  118. The Function constructor can now accept an empty string as the first parameter
  119. Added name/id property support for links (not just anchors)
  120. Added title property support for images and form elements
  121. Parsing large amounts of JavaScript is now significently faster than before
  122. Added id property support for image, form and all form element objects
  123. The throw statement result now propagates properly through function calls
  124. Try...catch statements now require at least one catch section or a finally section, otherwise an error will be raised
  125. Improved uncaught exception error messages
  126. Fixed error reporting of unexpected default, case and throw statements in functions
  127. Function.arguments is now available to all functions in the calling chain, instead of just the current function
  128. Property keys, for arrays/object, that are not a number or string, are now always converted to a string, if possible
  129. Implemented Function.caller property
  130. Disabled nested comment support, for compatiblity
  131. Fixed bug in String.match which was causing a warning message to be displayed when no global matches occured
  132. Tweaked unescape() so that it can return strings containing null characters
  133. document.getElementById() can now also find form elements
  134. Added id attribute support for <form> elements
  135. window.opener is also now set properly for windows opened via the target attribute in links and forms
  136. Added support for anchor.id
  137. The arguments object became invisible to functions called from a different context (e.g. <frame>) - fixed
  138. Date.getYear, Array construct, Array.toString, Array.push, String.substring, String.split, String.replace and RegExp object now behave differently depending on the version of the <script> session (if given), for backwards compatability with JS1.0-1.3
  139. Handling of '\' used to escape newline chars in strings changed when running in JS1.0-1.2 mode
  140. Fixed JS event handlers for <area> elements and image links, which now get triggered when no href attribute was specified
  141. Fixed image.width and image.height for image elements that have no width/height attributes in the HTML
  142. top.innerWidth/Height now return the correct dimensions when using in a frameset, rather than 0 for both
  143. Fixed the onLoad/onUnload event handlers to work in nested frameset elements
  144. Fixed parsing of non-alphanumeric character classes in regular expression literals
  145. Host objects (window object included) can now themselves have properties defined via array indexing - e.g. window[0] = 1;
  146. Mimic IE's default object property lookup - normally, document.prop is used to access properties in the document object, but IE allows the document. part to be dropped - first the window object is searched, and if not found, then the document object
  147. Reading properties in alias objects now fails if the property is recognized, but as yet undeclared
  148. Changes to facilitate accessing host object properties using numeric indexing
  149. Array.splice can now be called with only one parameter
  150. Fixed up reserved character tables for escape, encodeURI and encodeURIComponent methods
  151. Fixed declaration space handling problem concerning the for statement
  152. Declaration space side effects now work correctly for functions called recursively, but indirectly
  153. The equality operator now evaluates to FALSE if either operand is not a number
  154. Strict (in)equality operators now work correctly with hostrefs
  155. Added workaround for orphaned objects, so that the lib no longer gets stuck in a neverending loop on exit
  156. onFocus/Blur now supported by <select> listviews
  157. Return values of event handlers of image objects are no longer ignored, with surrounding links now inherit this return value
  158. SetTimout/Interval can now handle host based functions as the first parameter
  159. Forgot to free converted negative array indices when accessing host objects - caused a MemUse warning
  160. Implemented navigator.cookieEnabled
  161. history.go(0) now reloads current frame instead of entire frameset
  162. Fixed problems with use of location.replace() on frames
  163. link/location.pathname no longer includes any hash or search part of the URL
  164. Fixed problems accessing elements of the same name in the form.elements array
  165. parseFloat() now ignores any leading whitespace characters
  166. Implemented top-level encodeURI, encodeURIComponent, decodeURI and decodeURIComponent methods
  167. RegExp literals containing a '\' in the last part of a character class no longer cause a parse error
  168. Implemented Number.toFixed, Number.toExponential, Number.toPrecision and Number.toLocaleString methods
  169. RegExp.prototype.toString() no longer triggers an error
  170. Made it possible to call RegExp() when not used as a constructor
  171. The RegExp constructor now also accepts a RegExp object passed as the first parameter
  172. Improved precision of the Math constants
  173. Fixed Math.round() to return the correct result for negative numbers
  174. Undid the "fix" from 23.24 regarding the < > <= >= comparison operators return undefined if either operand evaluates to NaN - now false is returned instead, again (as per ECMA)
  175. Reduced the recursion limit further to prevent stack overflow
  176. try...catch statements were not skipped by the parser properly when not required
  177. Reworked the arguments object implementation - now it is handled more like a general object, with it being possible to define new properties, extend the array and modify the length property
  178. Ignore the U+FEFF UTF-8 sequence, which is a byte order marker which some Microsoft tools insist on adding at the start of ascii JavaScript files!
  179. Improved support for the special comma operator, which was previously not handled for all cases where it could be used
  180. Internal attempts to determine whether a user-defined property in the window object now return false if a global variable of the same name hasn't actually been declared. Now the with statement applied to the window object should work as expected
  181. Unterminated comment errors now only highlight the initial /* rather than all the following code
  182. Rewrote Array.join - now much faster (the larger the array, the greater the speed gain)
  183. Array indices that are over the maximum limit are now interpreted as a property name
  184. Fixed problem in for...in statement handling which could cause memory trashing in local declaration space (if present)
  185. Fixed another bug in RegExp char class handling - chars above 127 still could cause memory trashing
  186. String.indexOf handles position arg of value undefined correctly
  187. String.match now returns null instead of an empty array when use with a global regular expression where no matches occur
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