IBrowse 2.4 is temporarily unavailable for purchase. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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IBrowse 2.4 and AmiSSL v3 are available for download via IOSPIRIT. Note that IBrowse 2.4 is a free upgrade to registered 2.x users who just need to download and install the demo - as long as your IBrowse2Key file is present, then all features will be available. Unfortunately, IBrowse 2.4 is currently unavailable for purchase by new customers.
-IBrowse 2.4   IBrowse 2.4 itself - the complete software package (demo)  1.88Mb    22 Dec 2006  
-AmiSSL 3.6   Flexible and up-to-date 68k SSL support for IBrowse (OS4 users should use the native AmiSSL supplied with OS4)  1.59Mb    07 Mar 2005  
-Documentation   IBrowse 2.3 documentation (HTML, English)  1.34Mb    01 Jul 2003  
-Flash 1.14 68K   Free experimental Flash plugin (68K) for IBrowse 2.4  103Kb    23 Dec 2006  
-Flash 1.14 OS4   Free experimental Flash plugin (OS4 native) for IBrowse 2.4  199Kb    23 Dec 2006  
-Flash 1.14 MOS   Free experimental Flash plugin (MorphOS native) for IBrowse 2.4  139Kb    19 Jan 2007  
-MUI 3.8   MagicUserInterface - GUI toolkit, required by IBrowse - needed for AmigaOS 3.x users only  1009Kb    09 Feb 1997  

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