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Third-party Add-ons

Please note that the IBrowse Development Team are not able to offer support
for third-party add-ons (you should contact the respective author instead)
·  FlashPlayer plugin   Newer flash plugin by Mike Steed (68k).
·  Audio plugin   Allows IBrowse to play mp3, etc, files via Tunenet (OS4).
MUI Classes
·  NList   NList MCC classes as required by IBrowse.
·  Newstring   Newstring.mcc 16.18 beta (27 Dec 05) - unofficial update from Mikolaj Calusinski, with various bug fixes and improvements, as used by IBrowse.
TCP/IP Stack Support / Fixes
·  AmiTCP/Genesis Packet Fix   Fixes a bug in the packet fragmentation code in AmiTCP/Genesis, which causes connection errors with some sites/servers when using AmiSSL v2 or higher with IBrowse 2.x.
External programs which IBrowse can utilise
·  OpenURL   Can be used to direct mail to your favourite mailer, as well as allowing other applications to open webpages in IBrowse
·  Contact Manager   A centralised system-wide address book
·  SWFPlayer   Standalone ShockWave Flash player, with guide to use with IBrowse
·  FlashPlayer   Another Standalone ShockWave Flash player
Image / Icon Sets
·  IBrowseMI   GlowIcons toolbar and images
·  MUIdoesReAction   A gadget set for giving MUI the ReAction look
Transfer Animations
·  Juggler   "The Juggler" transfer anim as per the classic Amiga demo
·  Solar Eclipse   Created from real photographs of the 1999 solar eclipse
·  Radar   A typical rotating Doppler radar green display
ARexx Scripts
·  ib2email   Pass mailto: links from IBrowse to YAM or SimpleMail
·  IBMailToThor   Arexx script for mail using Thor
·  FindURL   Search your hotlist and/or check if the current URL is already in your hotlist
·  IBDesktop   Saves an image as a DOpus Magellan desktop pattern
·  Stream-Amplifier   Stream mp3 files to Amplifier from IBrowse
·  copytoclip   Copy an image URL (or any text data) to the clipboard
·  ibmht   Adds support for .mht files to IBrowse via an external viewer and YAM
·  IBrowse Fonts   Complete truetype font setup
·  Privoxy settings   Sample Privoxy config files for IBrowse to fix broken sites
We need your help! Do you use any third-party add-ons for IBrowse which are not listed above, and which you think would be worthwhile to other IBrowse users? If so, we would be grateful if you could fill in the form below with the details and we will add the resource to the list above.
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