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Last Updated: 20th June 2003

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Main WIndow Hotkeys
The main IBrowse² window has improved keyboard support for even quicker access to navigation controls. Due to the flexibility of the Navigation Toolbar, allowing the user to add their own custom controls and hotkeys, this list of standard main IBrowse² window hotkeys had been provided in order to aid you in avoiding duplicating hotkeys.
A Add bookmark N 1 First Browser Tab
B Back O   2 Second Browser Tab
C   P   3 Third Browser Tab
D   Q   4 Fourth Browser Tab
E Search R Reload 5 Fifth Browser Tab
F Forward S Stop 6 Sixth Browser Tab
G   T   7 Seventh Browser Tab
H Home U   8 Eighth Browser Tab
I Load Images V   9 Ninth Browser Tab
J   W   0 Tenth Browser Tab
K   X      
L Location: Y      
M   Z      
Info When adding your own hotkeys, duplicating any will not cause any problems or stop IBrowse² from operating, it will simply cause IBrowse² to perform each action assigned to the hotkey. For those duplicated in the Preferences » GUI » Toolbar preferences, IBrowse² will perform each action from left to right across the toolbar.

Main Window Menu Shortcuts
The main IBrowse² window has improved menu shortcut support for quicker access to even more of IBrowse², as follows:
RAmiga+A Add bookmark RAmiga+N New RAmiga+? About
RAmiga+B Back RAmiga+O Open local file RAmiga+1 First Window
RAmiga+C Copy RAmiga+P Print Manager RAmiga+2 Second Window
RAmiga+D Download Manager RAmiga+Q Quit RAmiga+3 Third Window
RAmiga+E Search RAmiga+R Reload RAmiga+4 Fourth Window
RAmiga+F Forward RAmiga+S Stop RAmiga+5 Fifth Window
RAmiga+G Global History RAmiga+T Netstat Manager RAmiga+6 Sixth Window
RAmiga+H Home RAmiga+U URL Clipboard Manager RAmiga+7 Seventh Window
RAmiga+I Load Images RAmiga+V Paste RAmiga+8 Eighth Window
RAmiga+J   RAmiga+W Info Window RAmiga+9 Ninth Window
RAmiga+K Cookie Manager RAmiga+X Cut RAmiga+0 Tenth Window
RAmiga+L Cache Explorer RAmiga+Y Iconify    
RAmiga+M View bookmarks RAmiga+Z      

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